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October 16, 2009

Honduran National Hero Jonathan Bornstein

Bornstein's reward?

Bornstein’s reward?

Jonathan Bornstein’s equalizing goal against Costa Rica for the USA in the dying minutes of stoppage time of the final World Cup qualifier meant a lot for the US of A after a devastating one-two injury punch of Charlie Davies (prior to the match) and Oguchi Onyewu (during the match). It meant even more to Honduras though as the nation slipped into the final automatic World Cup qualifying spot for CONCACAF when it looked like they were destined for the playoff match against Uruguay. This will be Honduras’ first trip to the World Cup in 27 years so it was quite a turn of events for the nation, so much so that Honduras is now inviting Bornstein to Honduras as an honored guest.

The de facto Honduran President Roberto Micheletti stated “We’ll bring this gringuito who scored on the header” and he would not even need a visa. I have no idea what a gringuito is but it sure is nice of him to offer him a free trip to a country Bornstein was just in this past weekend and required significant security to keep the USMNT safe and there had been discussions of moving the match to a neutral site for the safety of the players. Sounds pleasant.

Micheletti also indicated that he would take Bornstein on a free trip to Islas del la Bahia. Sounds quite romantic. But, maybe Bornstein should just ask for a lifetime supply of bananas and coffee and avoid partying with political leaders at island resort villas (see: Berlusconi, Silvio).

[Note to self: Do not accept free trips from political leaders trying to seize control of a Central American country.]

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