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October 17, 2009

Maradona Demonstrates ‘Keep On Sucking It’

Diego Maradona is not doing himself any favors. First, he nearly manages the national team into the ground only qualifying for the World Cup in the last game. Second, he fails to recognize his shortcomings and blames the poor showing on the media and naysayers. Third, he ineloquently vocalizes the blame by telling the media to “Suck it and to keep on sucking it.” To be fair, I think that line will have a long shelf life. Finally, Maradona pantomimed the above line to onlookers and allowed himself to be videotaped doing so.

He seems to be so enthusiastic about ‘keeping on sucking it.’

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  1. Anonymous

    You stay classy, Maradona.

  2. he’ll never make money in S. Africa with that poor technique

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  4. Bryan

    Maradona is the gift from Argentina that keeps on giving. Frankly I’m delighted.

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