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October 22, 2009

Michael Ballack’s House Is A Lonely, Lonely Place. Apparently…

Ah YouTube, I love you…tube. Here is a Thursday morning quickie. Came across this little gem earlier this morning and you know me,  I just love to share.

Someone has had some fun with Chelsea as Ancelotti and his boys answer the questions that we all want answered.

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  1. Nathaniel

    Best part is the Anelka “you look like a German student on a trip” line.

  2. Bergkampesdios

    Classic. Is it just me or do Anelka and Ancelotti still not understand a lick of english?

  3. phil

    Wait, Ballack has a house? I thought they just dragged him from under his bridge every weekend.

  4. ebullientfatalist

    @Bergkamp: My thoughts precisely. Anelka speaks English in French.

  5. phil

    I’m not sure what language Ancelotti is speaking. That’s like Italian pikey.

  6. Anelka speaks English in French

    Well, I understood him!

  7. Georger

    Just made it a lot harder to dislike Chelsea.

  8. Georger

    I want to know what the question really asked to Cole was.

  9. [...] Cole knows that people don’t like him. Watch this! (Unprofessinal Foul) Category: Football [...]

  10. MattyDUb

    hmm they speak better english than I do Italian/French

  11. Beachball

    Georger: It’s regarding how often he scores goals.

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