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October 26, 2009

Phil Brown Does Not Like Twitter

Jozy Altidore @ 3.19 I just got tackled. Jozy Altidore @ 3.20 Taking a free kick.

Jozy Altidore @ 3.19 I just got tackled. Jozy Altidore @ 3.20 Taking a free kick.

Super Tan, the life-saving  Premier League manager of Hull City does not like Twitter. Phil Brown revealed that he was not happy that Altidore ‘tweeted’ his lateness on Saturday. Lateness that led to the U.S forward being dropped from the squad.

Altidore’s tweet read…

Apologize to the all of you. I showed up late. Made a big mistake I’m very very sorry.

The tweet was deleted shortly afterwards. Brown responded after the game in which Hull drew 0-0 with fellow basement dwellers Portsmouth.

That for me is information that stays in house. The reason he wasn’t on the bench was our business.  Jozy was on the bench until 2.10 when I decided to change it. It’s unacceptable behaviour, full stop.  You prepare all week for a match day, mentally and physically. To ask a player to arrive an hour and a half before a game is not too much to ask is it?” – Hull manager Phil Brown.

Brown is not wrong. A Premier League footballer is paid a lot of cash and all they have to do is turn up in time for a game. BUT, Altidore was clearly sorry for his tardiness and dumping a decent striker when you have only scored 4 goals in 5 home games and sit 2 places above the drop zone, may not be wise. After Hull fired a blank this weekend the Tigers found themselves in the bottom 3.

Altidore is a regular user of Twitter and that looks set to continue, however, he has decided to delete his Facebook account as he revealed yesterday. Clearly, being on time and managing TWO social networking applications is a little much for him…

 Jozy Altidore Hey everyone I’m deleting my facebook. If you still want to follow updates about me you can follow me on twitter JozyAltidore17 is my account name. Thanks for those who sent me kind messages and supported me on here. It will be gone on friday of this coming week, thanks again and god bless.

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