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October 27, 2009

The Definition of ‘Awesome’

Growing up (or even NOW), the option of becoming either a (Project) Bad-ass Footy Player or Golden Rock God would have been the one of the coolest set of choices EVER. (seeing as I lack more musical skills than I do ball skills, I choose the former) But with the help of a very popular video game and creative geekdom, this young bunch of studs are presented the chance to realize both dreams at once.

Quite frankly, this is AWE-SOME. Let’s kick the day off right.

(via Gizmodo)

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  1. Georger

    Is it socially acceptable for “men” to wear Ugg boots over there?

  2. Georger

    “Apparently you can’t produce anything anymore without filming it’s production, and then including that in the final footage.”

    Jesus even Gawker’s nerd side is overrun by dickheads.

  3. WhiteSpeedReceiver

    Actually, I think “starting the day off right” would probably include another bottle of Pedialyte for me. But this ain’t bad, either.

  4. Georger

    At the 41 second mark, what are they doing to the balls?

    I can’t stop watching this thing, it’s intoxicating, like a cold bottle of Pedialyte on a hot Christmas morning.

  5. I’m pretty sure they’re inflating them, you perv.

    And the obsession with Pedialyte on this thread is disturbing.

  6. Georger

    I didn’t suggest they were jacking the balls off (though they do seem to be having fun), at the 17 second mark when the balls are rolled in they looked inflated (though obviously hard to tell how much pressure is in them), thought they might have been doing something else with sensors or something.

  7. What am I missing without the sound?

    Also, for extra kicks: GRAPE Pedialyte.

  8. Georger

    So purple is clearly the Jermaine Pennant of the group.

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