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November 9, 2009

Lady Sovereign Is The Next Mia Hamm.

London club Leyton Ladies (ooh, how alliterative!) have a new star on the pitch, but it took them a while to realize that she was already a star off of it as well. 23 year-old Louise Amanda Harmon, better known as the short-statured British grime rapper Lady Sovereign, currently starts regularly for Leyton and is apparently quite talented with the football. Numerous interviews have found the Lady claiming that she was quite the footballer growing up, and that she wanted to play professionally before her drinking and smoking made that difficult. If she is to be believed, her slack attitude extended beyond school (which she was asked to leave) all the way to blowing off a trial with the Arsenal Ladies squad at the age of 13. Her poor attitude is still with her, as she has been in legal trouble at least twice for spitting, a habit which she’ll have to curb on the pitch lest she pick up a RC.

After the jump- the Lady Sovereign in a charity indoor match in Sydney in September 2009.

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  1. Georger

    Had never heard of her, but I’m in love. Move over New Mexico girl.

  2. @Georger – this is her most famous song

  3. Goat

    When does the Women We Love issue of UF come out?

  4. Keith

    What, no “tallest midget in the game” tag?

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  6. Anonsters

    Lambert would eat Lady Sovereign for a pre-breakfast warm-up.

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