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November 17, 2009

Little Nicky Strikes It Rich

Current odds are 7-1 that Bendtner gets lost on the grounds.

Current odds are 7-1 that Bendtner gets lost on the grounds.

Nicklas Bendtner has been seen stepping out lately with a certain Caroline Iuel-Brockdorff, a member of the Danish royal family worth £400million (~$675 million!) who also happens to be 13 years older than the Arsenal striker. The royal WAG, who spends most of her time in London, actually gained most of her money in her divorce from uber-rich banker Rory Fleming (obligatory mention that he is the cousin of James Bond creator Ian Fleming here). Umm, does that mean the Danish royal family isn’t well-off?

They apparently met during a reality show in which her ancestral home, Valdemars Castle, was being renovated. Now, I have no idea why she would need a reality show to renovate the castle, or what role Bendtner played (is he secretly the Danish Ty Pennington?), but it’s clear that the inner-workings of the Danish royal family are a little different (although Iuel-Brockdorff appears to only be a Baroness; insert G.I. Joe joke here).

Considering that Little Nicky will be out for at least a month after his recent groin surgery, it’s a good thing that he has a quiet place at which to recover.

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  1. Congratulations on spelling her name correctly.

  2. yes, the insistence of every other story spelling her name as “Luel” rather than “Iuel” is baffling

  3. Georger

    The relationship will sour when he kills Polonius.

  4. James T

    Unprofessional Foul: We spell things correctly!
    (most of the time)

  5. and our commenters make Shakespearean references!

  6. ebullientfatalist

    An older, very wealthy woman? Bendtner is going to be used.

  7. James T

    I see nothing wrong with older, wealthy women, EF. Gimme Catherine Deneuve, or Monica Bellucci please

  8. James T

    Or Helen Mirren!

  9. Anonsters

    Cue groin surgery-related shagging joke.

  10. ebullientfatalist

    JT, no disagreement. Deneuve circa Indochine? Done.

    But Bendtner is 21, and she’s 34, and um, he’s 21. She’s gonna use him, violently, and he will love her for it. I just hope it doesn’t affect his ability in the box. Heh.

  11. She’ll probably let him do bad things to her as well. Win-win.

  12. Eladio

    7-1 odds? Way too much credit. I’d have to think they’re closer to even.

  13. Sarah

    She’s kind of my hero. Not that I’m into B52, but it’s nice to know that it’s possible to bag a footballer at 34…all you need is a few hundred million bucks and a castle.

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