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November 17, 2009

Rumors in high gear–USA WC shirt edition *UPDATE*

Although the first images popped up almost a week ago, it seems that today is the day the blogosphere is latching onto the rumors of the new US World Cup shirts.  Some have it right, some have it wrong, and (I believe that) every single image you see at this point is a mock upNo exceptions, no matter what anyone says. OOPS

Stay with me, I’ll explain as I go.

The first place we saw posting on the new US shirt today was MLS Talk.  I was initially excited to open the link because it promised a photo of the new shirt.  Obviously, it’s not a photo but a better-than-TFA MSPaint job of a rumored look.  Unfortunately, as I’ll get to later, it’s not even a legitimate rumor at this point.  This picture is a mockup based on hearsay.

Not real

Not real

At the time, I searched a couple of my usual sites, looking for information on any leaks and rumors about the new US look, but there was nothing out there.  I was prepared to throw it into Backpasses and forget about it.  That is, until Avoiding the Drop had a post on the same subject with actual links to sources in it.

AtD is fortunate enough to count the man who made the mockups as a reader.  Shortly after they put up their post, he pinged in the say that he had created the images based on what he had seen with his own eyes.  Well, one of those had been made with what he had seen.

Legit, maybe

Legit, maybe

While the blue one above and the red one…

Also a guess

Also a guess

…were created based on hearsay of possible color combinations.  It’s a good story, but I’m still a little skeptical.

Here is the thread where the shirts initially came from.  The topic starter mentions that the white shirt is based on a design that he verified with his own eyes.  He doesn’t say that he saw it in person, and in his correspondence with AtD, he says that the below photo is the confirmed shirt and what he based his drawing on:

The photo

The photo

Unfortunately, I think this is a photoshop job.  I’m no expert on the program or spotting fakes, but a couple of things don’t sit well with me.  One, the red stripe on the sleeves.  The random applique stripe is an adidas hallmark, not Nike.  Nike plays with color on their jerseys, sure, but usually do so with fabric, not iron-ons.  Second, the badge.  It looks, to me, to be a little less in focus than the rest of the shirt.  Third, the stripe itself.  Up around the Swoosh the color remains a little too even while the white to the center is in shadow due to creasing.  Finally, there’s that pull at the collar. I don;t know why exactly, but it really makes me think fake.

That hasn’t stopped others from running with the photo and even finding other pictures to confirm the look.  Here’s one with Clint Dempsey in the new kit.  I’d be worried enough about the pixelation of the photo without seeing Deuce in the number 10 shirt.  Unless Bob is dropping Lando, Dempsey would not have been photographed in the #10.

Let me be clear about this–I don’t think that the person who started the Big Soccer thread is a liar, I just think he has bad information.

So, while this is a helpful reminder that the US will have a new look for the World Cup, I don’t think we are going to have to worry about wearing Miss America sashes on the pitch.  If I am proven wrong, I will eat my crow and my hat together.

UPDATE:  Well, that didn’t take too long.  Ryan sends us the video where both the Deuce pic and the shirt pic were taken from.  If it’s a fake, it’s an elaborate one.

I’ll mix in my hat and crow with my birthday cake, thanks.

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