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November 21, 2009

The Bootroom: Handsfree and Full of Placentas

Not the handroom.

Not the handroom.

League play returns today after what seems like a month off. It wasn’t, but there was enough drama for a month in the last week with the World Cup qualifiers. Riots, upsets, controversial plays and Irish luck conspiracy theories. You couldn’t really ask for more as a fan.

Hopefully league play can match the excitement. Liverpool is facing a must win tie against Citeh having won only one match in the last nine. The Reds injury crisis seems to be abating thanks to placentas, odd as that may seem.

There are some other games in multiple leagues across the continent. There will be some good calls, bad calls and controversial calls, but let’s not get out the flamethrowers just yet.

Select games after the jump…

English Premier League

07:45 ET Liverpool v Manchester City
10:00 ET Birmingham v Fulham
10:00 ET Burnley v Aston Villa
10:00 ET Chelsea v Wolverhampton
10:00 ET Hull City v West Ham United
10:00 ET Sunderland v Arsenal
12:30 ET Manchester United v Everton

La Liga

12:00 ET Deportivo La Coruña VS Atlético Madrid
12:00 ET Tenerife VS Sevilla FC
14:00 ET Real Madrid VS Racing Santander
16:00 ET Athletic Bilbao VS Barcelona

Serie A

12:00 ET Bologna VS Internazionale
14:45 ET Fiorentina VS Parma


9:30 ET SC Freiburg VS Werder Bremen
9:30 ET VfB Stuttgart VS Hertha Berlin
9:30 ET Schalke 04 VS Hannover 96
9:30 ET VfL Wolfsburg VS Nurnberg
9:30 ET FC Cologne VS TSG Hoffenheim
9:30 ET Eintracht Frankfurt VS Borussia Monchengladbach
12:30 ET Borussia Dortmund VS Mainz

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  1. ebullientfatalist

    Hahaa. Thank you NYK.


  3. Oops. I guess he transferred in right after Pool’s CL win. My bad.

  4. Come on, Shark Feet. Put that in.

  5. ebullientfatalist

    If it weren’t for Fab, Song would be our best player this first half of the season.

  6. Anonsters

    Now if things stay like this, and Everton pulls something out of the hat, this will be a good day.

    (And my proposal to achieve world peace is to provide every person with a puppy. I’m a freak.)

  7. ebullientfatalist


  8. DAMMMMMITTTTT! Two people can’t get on that one?

  9. Anonsters

    And f**king Burnley had to go blow it.

  10. these are agonizingly close chances

  11. The problem with puppies is that they become dogs and stay dogs for a long time.

  12. Nani Theo, pass the f**king ball.

  13. Anonsters

    Doesn’t sound like a problem to me, ü.

    And it was Emile Heskey w/ the Villa goal, of all people. Heh.

  14. @Anonsters – I read that as “it was Emile Heskey of the Village People”

  15. Anonsters

    NYK: Starring Emile Heskey and Nic Anelka.

  16. Georger


  17. Georger

    Holy s**t he just got racked in epic fashion.

  18. ebullientfatalist

    Was that a penno? Show a damn replay

  19. How the f**k is that not, Wiley?

  20. Georger

    No replay of the tackle on Vela. Solid work FSC, solid work.

  21. Alan Wiley is Irish, isn’t he? I see what’s going on here.

  22. Georger


  23. Oh well. Get well soon, RvP.

  24. I’m gonna have to call shenanigans.

  25. Georger

    I’ll take Villa dropping points with us for sure.

    Still no replay.

  26. ebullientfatalist

    Well. If we had won that, it wouldn’t have been deserved. Sunderland were more than equal to the task. We must be better away from home.

  27. Anonsters

    Now we just need Man Ewe to drop points, and we’re looking good for the Wigan game tomorrow.



  28. Anonsters

    Now the question is: do I watch the Mattress Makers, Inter, or the ole alma mater take on Tennessee Chattanooga. Hm.

  29. and STILL no replay on the 2nd half highlights!


  30. ebullientfatalist

    Brodie Croyle sucks.

  31. Anonsters

    No argument here.

  32. BC, thankfully, playing like they have no desire to play in Tampa.

  33. might be a record. i’m showered and dressed by 9:30 on a saturday morning.

  34. ebullientfatalist

    @TFA: impressive. I was up at 7:30 to get an Americano at my neighborhood cafe. I wasn’t showered, though. Or dressed for that matter.

  35. ebullientfatalist

    Hey, so I’m down at the FSU game; if anyone watching the game sees a douche in aviators and an Arsenal jersey, um, that unfortunately is me.


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