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December 3, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: Smart kid

I heartily recommend looking up Angry Seagull on Urban Dictionary

I heartily recommend looking up Angry Seagull on Urban Dictionary

Kun Aguero has no desire to go to South Africa with this abortion of an Argentina squad [Kickette]
Better know a flying Traore [The Beautiful Game]
Better know a Pele [Midfield Dynamo]
Portland seems to want to stay in NASL instead of moving up to MLS [Match Fit USA]
The web people at Daily Star aren’t football smart [EPL Talk]
Charlize pokes a little fun at Ireland. Ireland demand reparations [The Spoiler]

Spare a thought to the groundsman who has to deal with this problem. Club team’s ground in Guernsey made unplayable because the seagulls won’t leave it alone [BBC]

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  1. jjf3

    If I’ve learned any lesson over the last few years, dear sir, its that I should NEVER look up anything on Urban Dictionary that you invite me to. (There’s only so many bleach baths a single person can survive…)

    Instead, I will root for Aberdeen shredding Celtic this weekend…

  2. What if I link to it?

    As for the other, well, there’s always hope (I guess). I won’t be setting the alarm for that one like I did the first weekend.

  3. jjf3

    Haven’t hit the link yet, U75, but I want this to happen. The Dons can do this! Shite, Blackburn beat Spartak!!! Also, I’d like a quiet bar where I can control the rest of the day on the main TV’s…and attractive Celtic women won’t be trying to kill me via alcohol…

  4. Bergkampesdios

    So if Charlize is already practicing pulling France’s ball out of the bowl, do we need any more proof that this whole fiasco is rigged? How did she KNOW it was supposed to be France?

  5. Goat

    @Bergkamp: It was slathered in Brie.

  6. Bergkampesdios


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