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December 7, 2009

Spare A Thought For Northwich Victoria

Jim Rushe: hard times

Jim Rushe: hard times

Most of our commenters and contributors are Arsenal, Spurs, or Liverpool fans, and we do more than our fair share of complaining when it comes to injuries and not-having-any-money-to-spend. For now at least, we should be thankful that none of our clubs are in the mire that non-leaguers Northwich Victoria currently inhabit.

Owner Jim Rushe has put the entire squad on the transfer list; not a vindictive move to shock them after a run of poor form, mind you, but a decision taken because the club can’t afford to pay them all. Ergo, instead of pulling a Pompey and writing IOUs they can barely cover, they’re trying to offload them and hopefully generate enough income to survive.

“There’s no panic and this is not been done on impulse,” (Rushe) said on Monday. But the maths are simple; for whatever reason we are not attracting enough people through the turnstiles to watch the team play. The numbers are not high enough to support the wage bill.”

Even after a neat little FA Cup run and a difficult start to the Blue Square North season, Rushe concedes that they need to cut expenses to stay afloat, and this is the only way to realistically get it done. Here’s hoping they sort out their mess and continue to compete.

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