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December 14, 2009

Monday Backpasses: He’s no Ryan Giggs, but we award him anyway

Congrats, Shrek

Congrats, Shrek

As you can see, we’ve awarded another UF Drogba Award, this time to Wayne Rooney for going above and beyond in his attempt to discredit the game.
Scottish referees close to striking because the (mostly correct) criticism is bothering them [Scotsman]
Vicky Becks in an around-the-town audition for a new Carmen Sandiego movie [Kickette]
Sorry, ‘Pool fans, but this is bound to depress you [Liverpool Kop]
We agree. College soccer sucks (Congrats to Virginia!) [Avoiding the Drop]
Coca-Cola works hardest to monetize their World Cup sponsorship [Conversational Corporation]
Darren Fletcher says that Man U players have too many games in a season to get up to no good [Tribal Football]

Look at some semi-famous to famous players and managers and see the jobs they had to do before football started to pay off for them [ONTD_FB]

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  1. Sarah

    Boo UVA! At least we murdered them on the football field a few weeks ago. That was fun.

  2. Anonsters

    I think you should actually print out that award and mail it to ManU.

  3. Georger

    On the plus side, we beat Stoke at home this year. As opposed to last year, when we drew, and then I flipped my car down a hill a few hours later. So yeah, it could be worse.

    *car explodes in driveway*


  4. Keith

    ^ The Warrant.

    /Do it, Rockapella’d

  5. Ellis Carver

    Wait, we won a national championship?

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