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December 15, 2009

French FA Member Pushes for Early Xmas Present

Raymond Domenech: bulletproof

Raymond Domenech: bulletproof

Watching the French national team is always fun. Whether it’s their cheating ways, their insouciant approach to the game, or their bats**t crazy manager, there’s always entertainment.

Sadly for all of us (and, conversely, good for the French NT), some pencil-pushing French FA bureaucrat is calling for the best source of mirth, Raymond Domenech, to get axed as manager before the World Cup.

77-year-old businessman and FFF member Guy Chambily is tired of Domenech’s underwhelming record as national team coach and, blissfully unaware of the unwanted media attention, has decided to speak his mind:

“I wrote a letter to (FFF’s chairman) Jean-Pierre Escalettes asking him to place the renewal of Domenech’s contract on the agenda of the next meeting of the federal council on December 18. I have two goals: the departure of Raymond Domenech and the protection of Jean-Pierre Escalettes, a very good man, who I know has been affected, even traumatised, by the situation we find ourselves in. I know the majority of the council members don’t want to keep Domenech. My only fear is that they beat a retreat for personal reasons. The FFF begged me not to raise the problem and Jean-Pierre Escalettes asked me to think about it twice, referring to the media outburst that my request will cause.”

Oh, Monsieur Chambily. Your astrology-loving coach has survived not one, but two grueling votes of confidence in recent months; in July, 18 of the 21 FFF board members elected to keep him on, and then in mid-October, Domenech bagged 19 votes in another hasty referendum.

Whether you like it or not, it would appear that Domenech is here to stay, and I think the rest of the soccer world is happy for that, eager and hungry as we all are to see them crash and burn in South Africa a few months from now. My only question is whether he’s read such a prediction in his astrology charts and can at least prepare for the disappointment.

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