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December 21, 2009

Mancini’s Christmas Wish List

Roberto Mancini was just essentially adopted into a rich Arab family that likes to spoil its children.  So, the Italian has prepared an extensive Christmas list for his new parents that they will buy him to make him feel like part of the family.  Fortunately for UF readers, we have an inside source in Dubai that found Mancini’s list after it fell from his parents’ gilded pockets. 
After the jump…the list.


Is Doc Brown his adopted dad?

Is Doc Brown his adopted dad?

Who else do you think Mancini should ask for?

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  1. Norfolk Ned

    He better keep his hands off Grant Holt!

  2. Ryan

    I’m unclear on who this Mohammad fellow we’re interest in is. Perhaps Roberto could draw me a picture?

  3. Precious Roy

    A pony.

  4. 0
    / \

    let’s see if this works.

  5. johnny

    it’s abu dhabi, not dubai you dummy!

  6. WhiteSpeedReceiver

    I think he should ask to have the team moved from the EPL to the SPL. He’d have a shot to make the Champions League that way.

  7. Mancini’s new parents were visiting Dubai.

  8. Blue Is the Color

    That team needs A-Rod in a big way: He can teach Robinho all about having a monster contract and doing s**te with it, Ade and Bellamy lessons on how to be a cancer in the clubhouse, and tell Given who to call to get himself painted as a centaur (twice).

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