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December 21, 2009

QT: Clearly Roberto Mancini is a Fan of Repeating History

I can’t fault the guy for having some hubris in kicking off his new job that comes with moneyed owners, but have we learned nothing from years of managers setting unrealistic goals? He’s been in charge barely 48 hours, and already the EPL title talk begins.

“In this moment my target is City in top four. Next season we want to win [the] Premier [League].”

Sure, it’s what he’s paid to say/think/believe deep down in his soul, but those words will be on his epitaph should he fail and honestly, everything about that squad suggests that they will. Then Mancini will be ignominously fired, and the new patsy will come in and read from the exact same script. There’s a reason that only clubs with stability in the owners’ box and managerial hot seat have won EPL titles, you know.

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  1. johnny

    Chelsea switch managers all the time and they are favored to win their third EPL title this decade. Manchester City will win the EPL within the next 3 or 4 seasons if they continue to spend that much money.

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