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December 29, 2009

Valencia Stadium Plans Back on Track?

Nou Mestalla may actually become a reality soon enough.

Nou Mestalla may actually become a reality soon enough.

Astoundingly, Valencia CF may not implode due to massive debt obligations incurred as a result of the planned new stadium, Nou Mestalla, right at the peak of the real estate boom. The Spanish club announced it has worked out a deal with the construction group that was to build the stadium. Details of the agreement have not been announced.

Presumably, the negotiations went something like this:

Valencia CF: “We can’t pay that much.”
Construction Group: “Please.”
VCF: “No, really, we can’t afford that anymore.”
CG: “Ok. How about this much?” [slides paper across the desk]
VCF: “Still no. We can barely afford shoelaces. We know you guys have no work right now and really need the money. So, how about this much?” [slides revised paper back across the desk]
CG: “Umm. No. We know you really need the money a new stadium could bring in. So, how about this?” [Fogs up mirror, writes number in the fog]
VCF: “Ok. Deal.”

Even more amazing is that Los Ches have not sold either of their prized assets–Davids Silva and Villa. Yet. Valencia managed to get through the summer selling only Raul Albiol to Real Madrid. Although, there are rumors that this construction deal is premised on the sale of David Villa this upcoming year. Who knows if this is true, but it could be and that’s half the fun.

Valencia’s year could be one of the bigger surprises to this author. The debt seemed insurmountable and the sales of Silva and Villa appeared to be the only solution. But, it has not occurred and the team is contention for the fourth Champions League slot for the league which could bring in significant money next year. All in all, the gloom may have lifted somewhat but it will not be smooth sailing just yet for the club.

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