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January 4, 2010

Is That Really You Sven?

Hans Backe's luggage cart at Heathrow.

Sven Goran Eriksson says that he turned down the Sweden job to stay at Notts County of England’s League Two, even though the ‘Man City style’ dream of the club buying its way to the top in no time seems doomed, for now.

You may remember (and does this sound familiar Portsmouth fans?), an Arab consortium (MUNTO) bought Notts County with grand promises of Premiership football. Sven was installed as ‘Director of football’ and his mate Hans Backe joined as manager. But, no sooner had County fans mocked their neighbors, Nottingham Forest and lowered their two finger salutes, the consortium wanted out.

Did it really take them 6 months to figure out that they had bought County and not Forest? It appears so. Once they realized how far away the EPL really was and saw how attracting players would not be as easy as they thought (Sol Campbell bow your head in shame), they packed it in and sold out at a loss–to Chief Executive, Peter Trembling.

Backe was next, the former Man City assistant and Panathinikos manager was promised a war chest of millions to spend and that clearly wasn’t coming, so he folded up his IKEA furniture and headed backe to Sweden after just 7 weeks.

That just left Sven. At the time Munto did a runner (last month) the papers were filled with stories of how Sven would cut and run, follow Munto out the door and onto pastures new but now the former Man City, England and Mexico manager reckons that was never his plan. He says he’s in for the long haul and even turned down the Sweden national team to stay in the trenches, as Notts County battle to crawl out of League Two.


Does Nancy know about Nottingham's 'birds to blokes' ratio?

“It’s been too many bad things at Notts County during this six months, but hopefully in a couple of weeks’ time things will change. I could have taken Sweden if I wanted but I was in this job so I said no to it.” – Sven Goran Eriksson

Now, forgive me for doubting Sven’s loyalty but the mention of ‘things changing’ in ‘a couple of weeks’ refers to new investment that the club are sure of obtaining…

“We get an investor with significant amounts of cash who can put the money in straight away, and we can still look for the Premier League in five years. If we are going to the Premier League it’s got to be £25m as a starting point.” – SGE

Lets see if that happens and if Sven sticks around for the pity party if it doesn’t.

I’d like to think that the Swede could hang around to bring his expertise and at least complete some of the master plan, by getting County into League One, for the fans of the club if not for Nottingham’s 3-1 women to men ratio.

Notts County are currently 5th in League Two and have not replaced Hans Backe yet. Maybe Sven fancies the gig, County and Mexico are pretty much on par… kidding Mexico!

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