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January 6, 2010

Breaking: Big Fox Soccer Report News

Lara Baldesarra, new co-host of Fox Soccer Report

Some of you may be aware of the tweet from Derek Taylor of Fox Soccer Report regarding a “big surprise” on tonight’s edition of Fox Soccer Report, and some of you might not. Either way, it appears to have caused some ripples in the FSC world, mostly due to its coinciding with EPL Talk’s report that Fox Soccer Channel is in talks to purchase Setanta US. Many have speculated the purchase would be announced tonight. The timing is funny, but we have it from a FSC source that tonight’s surprise has nothing to do with Setanta.

Rather, it has something to do with the person on the right, Lara Baldesarra.  She is the new co-host  replacing Carlos Machado.

UF welcomes Lara Baldesarra  and wishes her great success. Ms. Baldesarra is no stranger to soccer however. She grew up playing soccer, and other sports, but soccer is clearly the most important one. She is a Chelsea and AC Milan fan, but we won’t hold that against her.

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  1. Seminole

    They need to get rid of Derek Taylor. There is nothing worse than someone who thinks they are funny when they are not.

  2. leyos

    I listened with utter disgust Derek Taylor on Fox Soccer report mention that Nigeria played with a “lesser” Argentine side, during the friendly today, June 1st. And to make things worst, that this is the first time Nigeria defeated Argentina. I wonder why such reputed channel will allow nonentities like Taylor on commentry table. Does it matter who they filed in?? The players were representing their country. If you are not satisfied ask Maradona to go play. Secondly, even if you were born after 1996, one would expect that you read sports history=DUMMY.

  3. Christer Larsson

    ESPN has gotten some great game commentators.
    It’s time for fox soccer report to also bring on some
    Quality. Derek Taylor is nothing short of embarrassment
    with his crude, mocking humor, with his raw laughing in the background…. Get rid of him already! Surely
    there are intelligent soccer analysts out there.


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