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January 6, 2010

Breaking: Big Fox Soccer Report News

Lara Baldesarra, new co-host of Fox Soccer Report

Some of you may be aware of the tweet from Derek Taylor of Fox Soccer Report regarding a “big surprise” on tonight’s edition of Fox Soccer Report, and some of you might not. Either way, it appears to have caused some ripples in the FSC world, mostly due to its coinciding with EPL Talk’s report that Fox Soccer Channel is in talks to purchase Setanta US. Many have speculated the purchase would be announced tonight. The timing is funny, but we have it from a FSC source that tonight’s surprise has nothing to do with Setanta.

Rather, it has something to do with the person on the right, Lara Baldesarra.  She is the new co-host  replacing Carlos Machado.

UF welcomes Lara Baldesarra  and wishes her great success. Ms. Baldesarra is no stranger to soccer however. She grew up playing soccer, and other sports, but soccer is clearly the most important one. She is a Chelsea and AC Milan fan, but we won’t hold that against her.

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