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January 12, 2010

Quick Throw: Sol signs at Arsenal

Well, it happened. Sol Campbell has signed for Arsenal again, according to the Daily Mail. If previous rumors are to be believed, then this means Senderos is on his way out. Too bad that can’t include Silvestre as well.

Go ahead and laugh away in the comments.

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  1. whizalen

    not sure it’s a bad move. I have some concerns about his pace, but obviously Senderos is leaving and our only cover at CB is silvestre who has shown he doesn’t have it anymore. A stronger leader and good guy to have in the locker room. One of the things pundits have criticized arsenal about is not having any “champions” in the lockerroom, and this solves that. I’m curious if Gallas is still around after the summer – I know they’re talking a new contract (2 years even!) but he might have reasons more personal than football for wanting to move on. Only time and all that business

  2. phil

    Sol Campbell? Never heard of him.

  3. Norfolk Ned

    From Twitter…

    @philmcnulty Rumours that Sol Campbell will play for Arsenal’s reserves v West Ham tonight.

  4. hadley

    Wow. Just wow. Really, is Senderos not better than Campbell at this stage of his career?

  5. Jape

    Yeah, what did Senderos do? Seems there must be something besides his play that has him this out of favor?

  6. whizalen

    I’ve been struggling to figure out the Senderos issue myself. Arsene wanted to make him captain after Viera left…CAPTAIN! Plus, he was first choice replacement went Sol went batty. Then in the matter of three years he’s shipped out on loan for a whole season and cannot get in a game despite us playing with only two central defenders. It’s mind boggling.

    Apparently he’s Cesc’s best friend on the team so maybe he’s only been kept around to keep him company. And his mad-style language skills are obv. in high demand with this team

  7. James T

    He will obviously be a leadership figure in the dressing room as the title race rattles on. Campbell’s been there and done that, but still, it’s a funny move. I bet he rarely ever plays for the senior XI

  8. James T

    A la United signing Michael Owen, it’s a low-risk investment that could have strong rewards.

  9. Georger

    Except Michael Owen would have been good enough for Notts County.

    I don’t see this as a bad addition, but if it means subtracting one of the others (even Senderos) I can’t see that as even a wash.

  10. machine gooner funk

    the senderos thing is mind boggling. he was great in the 2006 champions league and played well in 08. i feel like his og that almost cost us the villa game (we got a draw on a bendtner header in the 93rd minute and it was like 2 weeks after ade slapped nik on the pitch so the only person who celebrated the goal with bendy was walcott) in march 08 was the begining of the end for him and ever since he cant even get a game. count me as a gooner who thinks he has quality and should be kept b/c he is talented and we need cover at that position

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