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January 13, 2010

Is El Tri Giving Up On Mexico?

Mexican Football Federation impression of the States?

Charlotte, North Carolina may have missed out on being included as a host city for the US 2018/22 World Cup bids yesterday, but it appears the city may be set to receive a consolation prize of an international friendly.  It is rumored the Mexican National Team will be playing Paraguay in the Queen City in March.  This match is part of an overall five-match US tour El Tri is making in preparation for the 2010 World Cup. 

Please note that the United States is not Mexico but El Tri seems to think so because the team has not played an international friendly in its home country since October 14, 2007, a 2-2 draw with Nigeria.  Since then, El Tri have played thirteen international friendlies.  Twelve of those matches have been played in the US and the other in London. 

That Mexico would play matches in the US is not surprising given the large Mexican immigrant population in the States as well as those of Mexican descent.  However, it is surprising that no match that the Mexican Football Federation has set up on its own volition has been played in Mexico in over two years.  Clearly, Mexico must see the US as a cash making opportunity, which is all these friendlies are these days, but appears the Federation has forsaken its own country in the pursuit of cash.

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  1. phil

    Why would the US benefit their chief rivals in this manner?

  2. dammit, we have a “Mexican soccer blows” tag for a reason!

  3. hockalees

    Mexico must see the US as a cash making opportunity

    ¡Realmente?!?! Los de nosotros en Texas han notado apenas durante los 30 años pasados.

  4. Ryan

    I guess I understand why the US allows this, Mexico is a cash cow. What I really think is bull though is that the MLS website advertises for the Mexican National Team. That’s embarrassing.

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  6. corky

    Unfortunately, Mexican soccer friendlies are one of the biggest reasons MLS is profitable as Soccer United Marketing organizes them.

    Plus, the FMF loves the US. Why play in Mexico where you can only charge $10-15/ticket when you can soak the comparatively rich immigrants for $30-50/ticket?

    I think someone should kidnap Lou Dobbs and take him to one of these. We might see spontaneous combustion.

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