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January 13, 2010

Please Consider Making a Donation for Relief in Haiti

We don’t normally stray from football content around here, but the dire details are emerging about Haiti and we thought we’d take this opportunity to encourage you our readers to make a donation to a relief organization on the ground.  You might consider a donation to Doctors Without Borders, which had 800 workers in Haiti before the earthquake and is currently providing emergency medical care, or any of the other reputable aid groups.

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  1. Give money if you can but NOT to Doctors Without Borders.

    There are many organizations that help those in need but dont play politics or god and decide who is worthy of being aided.
    My best man’s brother lives in Greece and is a doctor there.
    The greek chapter was disbarred about a dozen years ago by the heavily politicized organization (the french politico Kouchner) because they went into a civil war zone and get this… they decided to treat all sides of the conflict equally when DWB forbid them and only told them to treat the sick and injured of one side.

    The Red Cross gives aid to all, no matter who they are, their religion or nationality.
    DWB says that if you treat people who ‘dont deserve it’, you will be ostracized.

    So please, give to Haiti but there are so many orgs out there mobilized to help, try to find out which has a conscience and doesnt think care is given out to those that merit it.

    Sorry to spoil the mood but my friend Chris spits (he’s greek so its second nature) on the floor everytime he hears the name so its rubbed off on me.

  2. I don’t think there are sides in Haiti right now.

  3. Moonshine Mike

    There are sides in anything you look at, if you look at it hard enough.

    Find the groups that are on the ground now, dishing up help.

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