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February 3, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The WTF


Ah, Northampton Town. I don’t have to tell you lot that they play in League Two. You’re all smart enough to know that already. Look at that badge. They have a castle, a wolf, a dragon and a football boot all wedged in there. Who cares if they were relegated last season and have no hope of popping back up this year? NTFC are extra awesome!

Alright. I give up. I know next to nothing about Northampton Town. I know that they have one American on their team, Sebastian Harris, who hails from Lake Orion in Michigan. If you’re nice, NY Kid and Spectator may be along to school you about this part of the state. Oh, and in two of the three cup competitions this year (FA Cup and Carling Cup), NTFC were ousted by Southampton. Puzzlingly, these two clubs are separated by over 100 miles, much more than, say, East Hampton and Westhampton on Long Island. Why that bugs me, I don’t know. I just thought they would be closer.

Anyway, in 1992, like so many other teams, Northampton committed an atrocity on fabric. Let’s go look.

I can hear it now. The groans. The wailing. The gnashing of teeth, the lashing of breasts. Can you believe the spelled it “Supacentre”? And that exclamation point in the store’s name. The only way that should be on there is if it is the pronounced click from the Khoisan language family.

But none of that is why I brought you here today. No, the atrocity this week is the shorts.

It’s not the general shortness of the shorts. For the time, that’s to be expected. Sure, in pictures of matches from back then you can sometimes see way more than you would like to, but everybody was wearing them at that length. Just like the Nazis, you can’t blame individuals for going along with what everyone is doing, right?

Ahem. Sorry. Not the tack I meant to take. Strike that, would you?

So, yeah, the shorts are short, but they are also amazingly horrible. The shirt that they are paired with above (FWIW, this is the away kit) is not bad. Yes, there’s the requisite sublimated print, and there’s a hint of sponge-painting in the pattern on the shoulders, but it’s nothing like the shorts. The shorts bring the sponge-painting too, of course, but then it’s merged with a sort of plaid pattern. Worse yet, the combination of the two makes it look like there are crosses all over the shorts, including the upside-down ones preferred by your local mall-goths.

In the end, maybe it’s lucky that the shorts of the time were so small, because who knows what you would see if there were more material on these shorts? Only a company run by a real Hitler would do that to their customers.

(Once again, sorry. I think I’ve watched too many History Channel specials lately. These shorts and the Nazis have nothing in common, as far as I know)

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  1. ben

    IIRC, ’92 was roughly the apex of the “extra long compression shorts under your uni shorts” mania (before FIFA got all rulesy about that). I wonder if any Northampton players rocked matching compression shorts. That would be amazing.

  2. jjf3

    That badge is like 8 different kinds of awesome. All that’s missing is a skull at the end of a pike. And maybe a unicorn.

    Also, anyone else notice that the Lalas that isn’t a ginger moron is leaving SI?

  3. phil

    FA Thread soon?

    Anyhoo, Pavs has been left completely out of the team today, and Andre MArriner is reffing the match.

  4. Lennon's Eyebrow

    @phil: Pav’s supposedly injured with the same groin problem that kept him out at the weekend.

  5. phil

    Ah, I see. I didn’t think it was supposed to keep him out for more than a match.

  6. James T

    Phil: liveblog at the top of the page!

  7. I have a friend who lives on Lake Orion – I’ll have to ask her if she has heard of Mr. Harris

  8. spectator

    All I know about Lake Orion is that it’s even further north from Detroit than Auburn Hills (where the Pistons play), and Auburn Hills is already essentially in Canada, so by extrapolation Lake Orion is at the Arctic Circle.

    Also… carpet supaCENTRE!!!!

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