Unprofessional Foul


February 4, 2010

Thursday Backpasses: (Some) Old Firm fans are twunts

One of those times when fire is not pretty

More information has come to light about DaMarcus Beasley’s car getting firebombed. Leading theory for why it happened: a joke on Twitter. Honestly, go f**k yourselves, s**tbirds who did this [Daily Record]
On a lighter note, Andrei Arshavin has no “off” button when asked a question and it produces adorable results [Dirty Tackle]
Rendering of the new Crystal Palace Baltimore stadium. There’s potential for it to be a cool experience [The Offside Rules]
Getting to know the quotes of Ian Holloway [Three Match Ban]
While I doubt they would pay out in Aberdeen shirts for the next ten years, this is still a pretty cool promotion [SoccerPro]
Wayne Rooney leads the early standings for the UEFA Golden Boot/Shoe/Whatever it is called [The Offside]

Ask any Irishman and he will tell you: When you really want to show your disdain for the outcome of an international sporting event, get drunk and go down to your local grocer, find an item synonymous with the country your nation just lost to, and then pee on it [PIES]

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