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February 11, 2010

In Soviet Russia, Hunger Strike You

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FK Moscow fans are so distraught that their club is pulling out of the Russian Premier League that they can’t even eat.

Sort of. They are actually willing to stop eating as a form of protest. According to Vasily Petrakov, head of the FK Moscow fan club, “We have 20 supporters ready to go on hunger strike this Saturday. It’s our last chance to save the club.” To which any sane person would reply: “How does 20 people not eating save a soccer club?”

Close to 1000 fans have also signed a petition. So despite the fact that the club’s main sponsor, Norilsk Nickel, has withdrawn its financing and nobody else has stepped in, 1000 signatures and 20 hungry people cannot fail to save the club.

Leonid Isakovich, director-general of the Sporting Projects Management Company, which oversees Norilsk Nickel’s funding projects, explained the pullout thusly: “We cannot persuade the residents of Norilsk why the company’s money should be spent in Moscow. With no support from Moscow or other structures we consider this project a dead end.”

We don’t know how to read between the lines in Russian (even once it’s translated) but Norilsk is some 2000 miles from Moscow, maybe they were hoping to gain some kind of political favoritism in the capital by sponsoring one of its local sports teams, despite the distance.

But hey, if 20 Russian want to stop eating, who are we to stop them.

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