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February 16, 2010

How Hard Can It Be?

As good as Ronaldinho? Chad thinks so.

Bengals wide receiver and ‘real football’ fan Chad Ochocinco says that if there is an NFL lockout next year he will play professional footy in Italy or Spain.

The speedy egg catcher(32) is known for being a soccer fan, often tweeting pictures of himself with famous stars such as Thierry Henry and David Beckham.

He’s joking right?

 Actually no–he’s deadly serious.

“I played soccer before football, and I was good. That’s where I get my quick feet — my feet are unbelievable. When I got to high school [Miami Beach High], I had to choose between the sports because they were in the same season. I chose football because I saw more opportunity, but it broke my heart. I still follow soccer; I like to think I play football like Ronaldinho, with the trick moves and the anticipation.”- Chad Ochocinco, AKA Johnson, AKA Ronaldinho.

He even tweeted to ESPN’s Adam Schefter that he has a deal in place to play for AC Milan! If that ever happens I’ll eat a Milan hat and follow it up with a scarf, a shirt and maybe a pair of shorts.

Hilarious really; while he may be a great athlete and handy will a ball at his feet, to suggest that he can just play professional football because he was good at high school is just disrespectful to professional players all over the world who have worked hard for years to get where they are. However handy he may be, I guarantee he wont be better than the millions of current schoolboys in academies all over Europe who will never make it to the big time.

The Bengals star actually seems quite grounded, he often tweets his location and invites fans to join him for breakfast or lunch–but this is just ridiculous. 

I was pretty good at school too,  maybe I should send Paul Lambert a video and offer him my services.

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