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February 22, 2010

England’s Base Camp Conundrum

I swear England’s World Cup bid is destined to fail in spectacular fashion. First we had diddling John Terry, then Ashley Cole’s injury followed by multiple stories detailing his infidelity (with new women crawling out of the woodwork daily), and now England’s base camp in South Africa is still a building site, just 100 days from the teams arrival.

Fit for the England team? Not yet!

It’s not just a building site at the hotel in Bafokeng, either; worse than that, there are drainage issues with the pitches and the workers at the site claim the complex won’t be ready in time for the arrival of Capello and crew.

The English Football Association say the site WILL be ready; obviously they have a lot more faith in the builders than I do. There currently aren’t any roads finished and the picture above hardly shows a hive of activity!

Capello will visit the camp construction site today to check on progress.

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  1. Keith

    Got a problem with a construction job? send in an Italian. If I had family working on this site, I’d be plenty worried.

  2. ben

    I see green grass and some goals. What more do you need? Pitch some tents on the sideline for the players to sleep in and you’re good to go.

  3. hockalees

    On the way home with her friends Ann discovered just HOW keen Ashley was on her. “The guy in our group was texting back and forth to someone and giggling like a girl,” she said.

    “When I asked who he was messaging, he replied, ‘Ash.’ Then he showed me a photo Ashley had sent him to show me. It was a picture he’d taken of himself wearing a disgusting pair of tiny whities – briefs.

    So he sent underwear photos to a dude to pick up his female friend. Riiiiiiight.

  4. Norfolk Ned

    He was also chain smoking. Hilarious. Poor Cheryl!

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