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March 2, 2010

Open Thread: Ireland v Brazil

Ireland may not have made the World Cup thanks to Thierry Henry and his magical hand (I know, I know…it was tied but it’s more fun this way), but at least they will be able to pretend the country is fighting for a place in the knockout rounds of the World Cup by taking on one of the favorites, Brazil, in today’s match.

Did you know that Brazil has played exactly one friendly within the borders of Brazil since August 16, 2006? After today, Brazil will have played double that amount in Ireland during the same time period. (They have played six in London in that same time.)

In other news, Fox Soccer has a new online streaming video site. They have called it the very snappy foxsoccer.tv and they are pushing live Internet streaming of matches online. With prices ranging from $5/day; $15/month or watch the rest of the season (May 31st) for $45. We received a Press Release that we weren’t going to openly pimp, but we seem to be in agreement on the idea. Expect that you can pay $15 a month during the full season. While that seems excessive for some of us cheap sob’s, when you balance it against the idea you can watch a full slate of football every week off your machine, it will make you think twice. Yes, all the various streaming sites we all use in order to watch the latest La Liga or Serie A obscure matches will still be needed, but prime EPL and Champions League matches will be easily watched (and from work! woot!). Their press release has 17 live events for this week, but 7 of them are Rugby, 4 FA Cup, 2 Argentinean Soccer, one U-21 match, one International Friendly and the EPL match is Arsenal vs. Burnley.

Play in the comments sandbox, please. Also, let us know if you think you would pay for this (provided you don’t get it on your boob tube as it is).

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