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March 5, 2010

QT: Michael Owen’s Season Is Over

Well, he was always going to be a long-shot to make the England World Cup squad, BUT… Michael Owen won’t be playing any more this season as true to form, he’s been plucked from the soccer world by the injury gods.

Owen has pulled his hamstring and blames the injury on the already under-fire Wembley pitch, after playing/hobbling out of the Carling Cup final last weekend. Damn you Wembley pitch, you should be ashamed of yourself!

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  1. The Stretford End

    Wait, Owen was on Manchester United? I thought that was just a bad dream.

  2. James T

    Georger: Ned beat me to it. Else I’d have just written “hahahahahahahahaha” about 2000 times

  3. Georger


    So where does he go next year? Clearly United won’t take another chance on him right? Back to newly promoted Newcastle?

  4. Ryan

    Kansas City?

  5. Georger

    If he could stay healthy he would dominate MLS I think.

  6. whizalen

    giant IF there, Georger. MLS seems as likely a destination as any since scoring Utd was pretty shocking.

    Anyone know his wages at Utd?

  7. whizalen

    I meant the “since scoring Utd was pretty shocking” comment as a, there’s no way a champions league or Europa League team in England will take him so he’ll have to move to the continent to play. And even then I can’t see a big team snatching him up, so he ends up in Twente or some place random playing Europa League football. Not something to sniff at, but there’s a giant payday awaiting him in the US I’d imagine

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