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March 7, 2010

The Bootroom: Pants on the Ground

Leonardo: Luca, you should do that in the bootroom and not on the pitch.

Pompey fans are planning on forming a new club if Portsmouth goes the way of the dinosaurs. I guess the amount of soccer matter in the universe is finite and will just reappear in a different form.

Hopefully the new teams colors and crest will be sufficiently similar so this guy doesn’t feel like a complete ass.

Fixtures after the jump.

11:00 ET Everton v Hull City


08:45 ET Reading v Aston Villa
11:00 ET Chelsea v Stoke City


9:30 ET Nurnberg VS Bayer Leverkusen
11:30 ET TSG Hoffenheim VS Mainz

La Liga

11:00 ET Osasuna VS Getafe
11:00 ET Málaga VS Xerez
11:00 ET Espanyol VS Villarreal
11:00 ET Mallorca VS Sporting Gijon
13:00 ET Athletic Bilbao VS Valladolid
15:00 ET Real Zaragoza VS Atlético Madrid

Serie A

9:00 ET Atalanta VS Udinese
9:00 ET Bologna VS Napoli
9:00 ET Siena VS Parma
9:00 ET Cagliari VS Catania
9:00 ET Bari VS Chievo Verona
9:00 ET Palermo VS Livorno
9:00 ET Sampdoria VS Lazio
14:45 ET Internazionale VS Genoa

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  1. Precious Roy

    What? Nobody else up watching Ajax and Rotterdam. Oh right, I’m in Europe.

  2. James T

    I’m awake. Show-off. Wish it was because I was in Europe too.

    /son woke up at 5.30am

  3. Precious Roy

    And I’m off to do some day drinking then see if we can’t score tickets to the Spartak London v. Petty Leg-Breaking Thugs in the FA Cup later today.

    If we succeed I will be pulling not for a meteor only because I care about my own life.

  4. PR: tix at The Bridge shouldnt be hard to get

    I am waking up after a fair result at Fulham absolutely baffled by Fifa’s ruling re the use of technology. There has to be more to the story and I expect the cheeky authors of this sight to get to the bottom of it.

  5. Jape

    I am pretty sure “that guy” and “feeling like a complete ass” parted company years ago.

  6. Looks like an absolutely freezing day at Falkirk today. 23 minutes in still 0-0 with Celtic.

  7. James T

    Best of luck, PR. Just don’t look any CFC supporters straight in the eye

  8. Keane scores. 0-1 Celtic

  9. Boruc with a fantastic reaction save.

  10. James T

    Reading: Federici, Griffin, Mills, Ingimarsson, Bertrand, Kebe, Tabb, Howard, Sigurdsson, Long, Church.
    Subs: Hamer, Gunnarsson, Matejovsky, Henry, Robson-Kanu, Rasiak, Pearce.

    Aston Villa: Friedel, Cuellar, Dunne, Collins, Warnock,
    Downing, Milner, Petrov, Ashley Young, Carew, Heskey.
    Subs: Guzan, Luke Young, Sidwell, Albrighton, Delfouneso, Delph, Beye.

    C’mon, Reading!

  11. A golden chance to level before halftime for Falkirk gets wasted. 1 on 1 from 16 yards and it goes wide.

    Falkirk 0-1 Celtic HT

  12. Ryan

    Neither Landon or Jozy starting today. Phil Brown going with his wildly unsuccessful single striker formation.

  13. Orr

    Disappointing result for Napoli here

  14. wacman1389

    @ Ryan, you’re making me not want to watch the game I specifically woke up to watch……

  15. Orr

    Good to see Bullard, how long has he been fit?

  16. wacman1389


  17. The Fan's Attic

    I think this is his first game back.

  18. Orr

    Weak penalty in my opinion, justice in the save

  19. wacman1389

    Yeah Orr, it looked like hit slid in and didn’t get anything…..and that was the worst penalty shot i’ve seen in a while

  20. jjf3

    Hmm, that wasn’t supposed to happen. Beauty by Cairney.

  21. Orr

    Great strike! This has been pretty entertaining so far

  22. wacman1389

    wow, worst shot, followed by best shot

  23. wacman1389

    Phil Brown’s celebration made me want to hit him with a brick

  24. Orr

    Phil Brown reminds me of that creep on the infomercials with the headset

  25. Trot Nixon's Hat

    I almost feel like I’m getting isolated shots in HD on FSC today. It’s such a head job.

  26. wacman1389

    Wow……that goal was incredible

  27. Orr

    That’s terrific

  28. Orr

    Must have been a good team talk from Phil Brown

  29. Everton should have a few more today. Hull are atrocious.

  30. Orr

    Let’s hope an American bags one here, either I don’t care

  31. Orr

    Beautiful hit

  32. ebullientfatalist

    You Must Stay! You Must Stay! You Must Stay!


  33. ‘Cakes again! With the assist. He seems to be well-liked.
    If not for Yakubu, this could have been 8-1.

  34. ebullientfatalist

    One goal, one assist. Sure.

  35. Orr

    Another good result for the blue half of merseyside

  36. James T

    The LA Galaxy is watching Donovan’s form in the EPL, nodding approvingly, and looking forward to his forced return.

  37. Keith

    I hate Bruce Arena with the passion of a thousand firey suns. It’s easy to forget with how bad Bradley’s been tactically, but Bradley was such a breath of fresh air after years of Arena in charge of the national squad. And now he’s going to retard Lando’s development even further by not extending the loan?

    Also, *PHEW* at Villa’s second half revival today. That first half was as s**t as I’ve seen them play since 5-1 at Anfield last season.

  38. Ryan

    FA Cup Semis:
    Spurs/Fulham- Pompey
    Also, this is probably a load of bull since it’s from the Mirror, but my man Tevez may have gone and pulled a JT.

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