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March 12, 2010

Barmby v Bullard In HBO PPV FIGHT (That’s Hull Boxing Outside)

Bullard rolled up his sleeves and said "Lets have it out, then" (tee-hee)

Its not unusual for the people of Hull to see Tigers players out and about; their manager is not exactly the conventional type, often marching his players around the City, over the Humber bridge or to anywhere he chooses as part of the Hull City training regime.

Sometimes they train in the park, where people can observe Phil Brown and his Premier League players having a kick about–Or in this case, watch them fight.

The Hull City manager has had to apologize to the Women’s Institute today after a large group of ladies on a morning stroll had to witness Jimmy Bullard and Nick Barmby going at it.

Barmby apparently called Bullard ‘lazy’ and in return, Bullard showed the former Everton midfielder his handbag; the fight was broken up quickly but not before the ladies, some being pushed by nurses in wheelchairs, witnessed the fracas and cried for someone to call the Police.

“I didn’t realise there was a rally going on there and there were apparently 50-100 women going on a march across the Humber Bridge. The incident was unsavoury, it was unfortunate.” -Hull City Manager, Phil Brown.

Indeed, but while many people laid eyes on the the fisty-cuffs, one person who didn’t was midfielder George Boeteng, and this made him very sad:

“I would have paid to watch it!”


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  1. >Jimmy Bullard and Nick Barmby going at it.

    THAT I wouldnt want to see, but two blokes slapping each other like a pair of hookers fighting over a john?

    Actually, that’s even more depressing.

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