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March 20, 2010

Post-Server Meltdown Bootroom

Back to Boot Camp

Where have you been? We’ve missed you so much!

Yes, the great Server Meltdown of 2010 is over, and everything now seems to be back in order. You might notice that we don’t exactly do this for money, as evidenced by our lack of ads, and our lack of eye-catching graphic design. Well, if you like us and want to help us get some better web hosting, maybe you could purchase one of them t-shirts we are flogging over there to the right? I know, I know. Begging is so very uncool. But hey, just saying, you get what you pay for!

Speaking of which… there is some brilliant armchair analysis, fixtures, and your comments after the hop.

Right, so on to the football. Probably today’s most intriguing match is Stoke at home versus Spurs. Stoke have been very solid at the Brittania Stadium this season, where they have conceded all of 9 goals. Spurs, on the other hand, will be trying to hold on to fourth place, and they’ll have to do it without Jermain Defoe, who is out with the dreaded six-week hamstring injury. Today also marks Ryan Shawcross’s return from suspension after that incident against Arsenal. The less said about that the better, but trust me, it will be an ad naseum talking point. Unfortunately, this match is on Fox Soccer Plus, which I believe is currently available to all of 3 people in Guam. Oh well.

Elsewhere, Aston Villa hosts Wolves in the early EPL match, as Arsenal hosts Wet Spam. Both winnable home games for two teams hoping to remain in contention for fourth place and the EPL title race respectively. Hull makes their Phil Brown-less debut against Pompey today, which is certainly as good a game as any for Sloth Dowie to take the reins. In Serie A, Roma and Inter each have fixtures after their high and low of midweek European action. It’ll be interesting to see how the teams respond, especially given Inter’s poor run in the Italian league of late. And then in the Championship, Newcastle are away to Bristol City, who like Hull will be looking to the proverbial new manager effect. Newcastle, however, have a real chance to solidify their lead in the Fizzy Pop league and look to be a good bet for an eventual return to the EPL.

Oh and tonight marks the grand opening of the Red Bulls Arena, where yours truly and Ned will be there to watch Robinho Juan Pablo Angel a bunch of players we have never heard of at a beautiful new soccer-specific stadium, which will soon be sitting unused due to the MLS strike.

Without further ado, today’s selected fixtures….

8:30 Aston Villa vs Wolverhampton Wanderers (ESPN2)
11:00 Stoke City vs Tottenham Hotspur (Fox Soccer Plus)
11:00 Everton vs Bolton (FSC)
11:00 Portsmouth vs Hull City
11:00 Sunderland vs Birmingham
11:00 Wigan vs Burnley
1:30 Arsenal vs West Ham (FSC)

Rest of the World
10:30 Eintracht Frankfurt vs Bayern München (ESPN360.com, ESPN Deportes)
11:00 Middlesbrough vs Reading
11:00 Swindon vs Norwich City (Ned’s House)
11:00 Wycombe vs Exeter City (Spectator’s House)
11:00 Aberdeen vs Dundee United (u75′s House)
1:00 Deportivo La Coruña vs Real Valladolid (ESPN360.com, ESPN Deportes)
1:00 Fiorentina vs Genoa (ESPN360.com, Fox Soccer Plus)
1:20 Bristol City vs Newcastle United
1:30 Borussia Dortmund vs Bayer Leverkusen (Gol)
2:45 PSV vs Twente (ESPN360.com)
3:00 Real Madrid vs Sporting Gijón (ESPN360.com, ESPN Deportes)
3:45 Palermo vs Inter Milan (FSC)
3:45 AS Roma vs Udinese (ESPN360.com)
4:00 Palmeiras vs Ponte Preta (Gol)
5:00 Espanyol vs Sevilla (ESPN360.com, ESPN Deportes
6:30 New York Red Bulls vs Santos FC (FSC)

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