Unprofessional Foul


March 24, 2010

Wednesday Backpasses: Bergkamp es dios

Even in warm ups, he was sublime. Above, Alex Song learns this lesson.
At the other end of the pitch, here’s a collection of some great own goals [The Spoiler]
Yay, another video! At the bottom of this post, watch Titi laugh his AO at Pep Guardiola preparing a 4th sub [Dirty Tackle]
Houston getting closer to their own stadium [SBI]
KC Wizards about to become India’s favorite MLS club [Reuters]

13. From STIM
Can A.A. jump out of my birthday cake?
Arshavin: It’s unlikely; I’m a football player, not a minstrel or a clown.
More Arshavin Q&A [Arshavin.eu]

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