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March 26, 2010

Dave Whelan Just Can’t Help Himself

Let me tell you what you want to do everyone!

Over the past few years, Dave Whelan of Wigan has had something to say about everything; More recently he was critical of the situation at Newcastle and the Mike Ashley affair, he weighed in on how crap Liverpool were when his side beat them and offered his opinion on why the merseyside club was struggling and how they should fix their problems–now he has an opinion on the FA and the England team.

No one would mind if Wigan were a successful football club, playing to packed houses week-in and week-out, but they ain’t–Wigan are threatened by relegation yearly and can’t even give tickets away to fill the Dave Whelan Stadium, so what gives this man the right to poke his nose into other peoples problems?

This week, the Chief Executive of the FA, Ian Watmore, resigned– suggesting that the situation at FA headquarters was one he didn’t fancy; In-fighting and disorganization bred from self-interest were what the papers focused on– But while the FA looks to sort out it’s problems and get it’s s**t together, Wheelan has decided to aim his giant mouth in someone else’s direction once again and pile on, challenging the FA’s position in English football:

“Let the FA concentrate on running amateur football – the Football League and the Premier League must run the professional game. The sooner the Premier League runs the England team the better.”

If Whelan was really interested in whats best for the England team and the national game, he wouldn’t be making a nuisance of himself 75 days before a World Cup campaign and months ahead of a decision on the location of the 2018 World Cup, shoving his fat finger in the 2018 bid committee’s eye.

Whelan basically likes the sound of his own voice and craves publicity–Why else would he name Wigan’s stadium after himself? He needs to focus on that stadium and ask himself why its empty every week, and why his team are 16th in the Premier League and facing a relegation battle to survive, yet again!

Shut it big-mouth.

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Norfolk Ned
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  1. Georger

    Wait does the DW in DW fitness or whatever it is actually stand for Dave Whelan?

  2. Keith

    Ned- excellent song choice.

  3. Norfolk Ned

    @Georger, YES. “Look at me, I own this s**t!”

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