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March 29, 2010

In Case You Missed It…

… I figured I’d enjoy this video highlight over and over and over again from the comfort of this very blog. No, I’m not talking about the comprehensive dismantling of Aston Villa at the Bridge (something that could augur their decline in the race for fourth, perhaps?), but Fernando Torres’ first goal against Sunderland yesterday. Though the Spaniard is modest about his effort (“I think I’ve scored better goals”), it was a sublime score built from nothing. A chase, a shimmy, an improbable shot.

Though the 3-0 win might have come too late for a real push for that final Champions League spot (four points back from Spurs, who have a game in hand, with Citeh a point back of Liverpool in 6th with 2 games in hand), it’s a timely reminder of just what this team can do if they decide to make an effort.

Goal after the jump.


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  1. Defoe's a Yiddo

    Your run is quite easy. You are not out of it yet. The man is sheer class. If you can just get Gerrard to look interested you would be much better off

  2. Georger

    My favorite part is that he had Babel wide open and said f**k it I’ll just score this myself.

  3. Defoe's a Yiddo

    The man is a diff class. Your lot should be pleased with his comments about going nowhere. Rafa on the other hand….

  4. Keith

    I can’t wait for his annual Spring hamstring injury. . .

  5. James T

    Whassamatter, Keith? Did Petrov’s apology fall on deaf ears?

  6. phil

    Love to watch this man play. Well, all but twice a year.

  7. Anonsters

    Did that take a deflection? It’s hard to tell, but the replay from behind makes it look like it.

  8. Keith

    Hardly, JT. I’m not one of the fickles; my team just got caught on a bad day, and then slumped after the second penalty. That, and it’s March. I’m just finding it funny that the man who cautioned me on hubris is now displaying the same trait. And so, as you wished broken legs upon John Carew, Richard Dunne and James Milner, I’m returning the favor, only with a more realistic and likely wish.

  9. James T

    I’m merely enjoying my Monday, Keith. It’s a beautiful day outside

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