Unprofessional Foul


March 30, 2010

QT: Martin O’Neill out at Villa Park?

Rumors are swirling that MON has quit Villa after a disagreement with owner Randy Lerner over the transfer budget for next season. “Aston Villa have denied that Martin O’Neill has resigned as manager after reports emerged this afternoon claiming he had walked out on the club over a disagreement with Randy Lerner, the owner,” the Times reports. “Unconfirmed rumours circulated yesterday that O’Neill was unhappy about proposed budget cuts, with it being thought that Lerner was asking him to trim his costs this summer.”

UPDATE: The denials continue. The Guardian writes that “sources close to the club are adamant the claims O’Neill has opted to leave are ‘pure nonsense’.” However, the club hasn’t come out and officially said anything, which means there might be smoke there. The bookies certainly think so, as they have slashed the odds that MON is the next Premiership manager to leave all the way down to 7-1, from 66-1 yesterday.

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