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March 30, 2010

Where are they now: United’s treble winners

We're all hoping for a repeat, right?

It was a glorious day in 1999. I was six weeks into my new job in California’s capital, about to head off to a fellowship in Arizona for the summer. But enough about me…

To be honest, I don’t think I saw the match live. It strikes me that I didn’t. But I’ve seen it many times since: United v. Bayern Munich in the Champions League final. It was magic. It still is, frankly. But how many of the players can you name after Solksjaer and Schmeichel? Actually, it shouldn’t be too difficult to get 8 or 9.

But The Sun points out where Jesper Blomqvist and Jonathan Greening are now. It’s kind of funny, actually. I had no recollection that Wes Brown was already sitting on the bench.

Where were you when the gods smited the Germans? Cheering along with me, I’m sure. </sarcasm>

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  1. Keith

    Meh. It was better when Villa beat Bayern for the European Cup.

  2. bergkampesdios

    I was a banker in NYC and watched the second half in a pub just off of 100 Liberty. I remember that bicycle off the bar, thinking the game is over and then cursing up a storm to the tune of being asked to leave the bar.

    F**k Man U.

  3. WhiteSpeedReceiver

    That was the first match I actually sat down and watched.

    And, uh…Solskjaer…starter? I think he started the match next to Sheringham and Wes Brown.

  4. I knew it was wrong when I typed it, WSR. It was the drugs (and me writing and working on my day job at the same time). Nice save…

  5. Georger

    I watched it, as I just mentioned here (boom, shameless), but that was before I knew to hate them.

    Those gray Munich kits were hideous.

  6. Oh, look at the pimping from Georger! :-)

    Ribery looks like a Bond villain to me.

  7. I was on a school trip to Costa Rica, watching live with a bunch of the waiters and janitors at our hotel, and nearly got us kicked out of the hotel when I ran around screaming when the second goal went in. A great day.

    I may not comment much but I am one of your few fellow United supporters around here.

  8. ebullientfatalist

    That was the game I began hating United. Not because I was actually in Bavaria during the game and loved Bayern, or because I was surrounded by ze German side of my family who were all backing Bayern, or even because United won the game. No, I began hating United because I knew – even as a high school junior – that, come every May, I’d have to hear about that godforsaken “magical night in Barcelona.”

  9. Keith

    Wait. . . Ryan is a United supporter AND a City Supporter? This cannot be.

  10. phil

    This Jekyll-and-Hyde thing with Ryan is destroying the world. SOMEONE MAKE IT STOP!

  11. Isn’t it kind of fitting that there is a Blue Ryan and a Red Ryan? Like the EPL Yin and Yang. Now if a third Ryan starts commenting about Liverpool my head will explode.

    But welcome, Good Ryan. Evil Ryan will probably comment later.

  12. Dustin

    I can never find a Torrent of this Game…anyone wanna help me out?

  13. Ryan

    Yaaay, you won a trophy 11 years ago. Yaaaay. Pardon me if I don’t join the circle jerk.

    /Evil enough?

  14. @Evil Ryan: Well done. When was the last Man City champions league victory? Oh yeah…

    /Evil returned.

  15. wacman1389

    I was 10, I didn’t know what soccer was past gym class….I didn’t find soccer for another 3 or 4 years

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