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April 5, 2010

Comedy Kamara

(This post should allow FSC producers to sigh a deep sigh of relief and go to bed tonight safe in the knowledge that they are not alone in being inept while broadcasting football; It was pretty bad of them to show the wrong team line-up moments before kick-off of the Red Bulls game on Saturday night and pretty bad for time to prove that the commentary pair of Sullivan and Dunseth had not watched last weeks Red Bull game in preparation, to know what they were talking about. Fox Soccer Report also continued to yield some great fluffs as this weekend, we were treated to a place in Spain called Mal-arr-gar and one in Germany called Hamboooorg. Maybe one day, one of those teams will sign Everton’s Yak-Boo.)

Anyway, if you are English, then you’ll know all about Chris Kamara, the former Swindon, Stoke and Brentford defender, who had a short stint in management before joining Sky Sports. Often responsible for some golden moments of comedy while at the football, Kamara went live this Saturday, as Jeff Stelling asked him about the red card that had just been dished out at Fratton Park…

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  1. Anonsters

    “I don’t know, Jeff, has there?”


  2. RSF

    I’ve must of watched this 15 times since yesterday. Still funny as anything. “Cutting edge report here on gillette soccer saturday!”

  3. Lucius

    “still nil-nil”

  4. Anonsters

    On watching it for like the seventh time, I have decided that everything about this video is perfect.

  5. Precious Roy

    Wow, that’s one gratuitous beatdown of FSC and FSR. Was watching last night and, yeah there were some mistakes, but I can’t imagine having to go from proper pronunciation for names in Spanish, Turkish, German, then back to Spanish before getting an Italian name correct all in the same match.

    Lots of languages with lots of subtleties in few seconds. Easy to sit on the couch and never get anything wrong. So they flub one or two names a night, I’m just happy that I’ve got someplace I can go to get highlights of nothing but soccer. Something that was unthinkable to me 7-8 years ago.

  6. whizalen

    I agree with your overall statement, PR, but come on. It’s these people’s JOBS to pronounce these names correctly. I still get irked when I hear eye-rock and eye-ran instead of e-rock or e-ron.

  7. Precious Roy

    Whiz: I’m fairly certain that some of the ways we think are the correct ways to pronounce names are probably wrong. And if I had five different names from five different countries fly at me off a teleprompter in a few seconds, I’m sure I’d make as many if not more mistakes. Yes, it’s their job, but we seem to be operating under the presupposition that their job is an effing piece of cake. It probably ain’t.

  8. Norfolk Ned

    @PR, TFA

    I was more concerned with the line-up being wrong at the start of the game. Amateur stuff. If it was Red Sox v Yankees it wouldn’t fly. It sums up the attitude that spreads across the whole channel like a disease. No homework, fact checking or effort. I pay for it, I get a say.

  9. Anonsters

    I disagree with PR. I can tell when something is an effing piece of cake. My mouth waters.

  10. Precious Roy

    I remember seeing ESPN put a Phils starting defensive line-up on the screen when the Braves had taken the field last season.

    Happens every place. Probably less so at the 4-letter but, as a guideline, I image the likelihood with which it happens is inversely proportional to the size of a cable channel’s operating budget. So I’m willing to cut them plenty of slack.

  11. Norfolk Ned


    Theres a switcher screw up, director takes wrong graphic etc etc, puts up a wrong third, and there is having the team wrong because you didn’t check the facts. First is user error, happens every day, latter is lazyness and poor work.

  12. RSF

    yaaay television talk from Ned. Makes me feel like I’m at work even though its my offday

  13. Precious Roy

    Thanks for the pathology lesson, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with my point: The smaller the budget the likelier the propensity for a screw up. I imagine FSC has far fewer people (like, say, zero) to check over work the personalities do to make sure mistakes never make it to air because they can’t afford all of the resources ESPN, ABC, CBS, etc. have. I imagine if someone showed me the production budgets FSC has, I’d be amazed they get anything on the air at all. You call it ‘lazy’, I imagine ‘overworked’ is more like it as they don’t have time to give necessary attention to everything and have to triage tasks. So an incorrect line-up makes it to air. It’s a pretty forgivable sin. All things considered, they do good work.

  14. Norfolk Ned


    Not buying it. Years in TV tells me different. You should see the miracles over here with limited resources.

    There were 4 anchors/comentators for Saturday’s MLS game of the day and you expect me to believe that they should not have known the correct line-up? Not good enough. No excuse in a world were I saw the correct line-up via twitter in 4 different places 45 mins before the game. For the viewer, knowing the line-up is important, especially if you are a fan of the team playing.

    As for good work? No, sir. Facts are often wrong, they do little reearch and I caught many mistakes that led to the fact neither of the commentators had seen the previous game of the team they were covering. Not good work at all–sloppy and badly produced.

    Other channels do more with less.

  15. Anonsters

    Alright, there’s only one way left to settle this:


  16. Precious Roy

    As a fan, it might be nice to know the line-up before but it’s hardly ‘important.’ And if it’s wrong I can see that the second the ball is kicked. Again, big effing deal. I’m pretty sure that when the anchors are getting ready to go live on the air, they aren’t checking Twitter feeds to see if the line-ups are correct.

    For all your limited resources, I’m sure theirs are even more limited. I don’t think any money Rupert Murdoch might have saved from any cuts at Fox News he thought, “Great, now I can pour this into that soccer channel I also own.” And smaller operations have less cushion on the margin to begin with, so they’ll feel proportionate cuts even more.

    For all its flaws, I have no problem with the product FSC puts out (especially given its resources) If you want to keep arguing that for some reason I should, have at it.

  17. old dan

    The biggest flaw for FSC, much more important than bad lineups and whatnot, is the lack of availability of HD. Not sure if it’s their fault or the cable companies’ faults, but following up a beautiful ESPN2 HD game with FSC makes my eyes sad.

  18. hockalees

    Last night’s Barclay’s Premiership Recap show on my regional Fox Sports channel… made and performed in Ingerland had the announcer talk about the Hull player, that outstanding Italian-American, “Jo-see Al-ti-dor-ay”. It’s not just American announcers.


  19. Anonsters

    that outstanding Italian-American, “Jo-see Al-ti-dor-ay”.

    That’s amore.

  20. Norfolk Ned


    The line up IS important. You are a soccer channel and you don’t know who’s playing? What could they possibly be doing? They wern’t watching the last game, that was clear.

    Other professional sports channels take the sport seriously and do their homework. Its vital..Without it there is no credibility. At the moment, when I watch FSC, MLS games, I have no trust that what I am listening to is correct. None. That is a HUGE problem for any broadcaster and I’m not buying that “they have s**t to do so screw the facts!”

    Not professional, and not worth the 20 bucks a month I pay for it. I want correct information and not made up crap, thought up on the fly in the vague hope that the person at home is an idiot who doesn’t know that Freddie Ljungberg wasn’t a forward at Arsenal or that Carl Robinson missing is a huge blow because he’s key to a team he has not started a real game for yet.

    Ask martin Tyler if he knows the line-up on a game he is doing, ask Sky Sports if they know the line-up.

  21. Goat

    …ask Chris Kamara who just got red carded. I keed, I keed!

  22. Precious Roy

    For all its flaws, I have no problem with the product FSC puts out (especially given its resources) If you want to keep arguing that for some reason I should, have at it.

    My fault for not being able to see you would take that literally.

  23. danV

    Ya know… Im might just want to hire a bunch of sales people at my job that dont know the product they are selling… in any profession it takes a bit of training and homework… yes there are a lot of facts to cover in soccer but nothing compared to lets say baseball and all the statistics they get right on any given broadcast…. the game was covered by esssentially amateurs.

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