Unprofessional Foul


April 5, 2010

Comedy Kamara

(This post should allow FSC producers to sigh a deep sigh of relief and go to bed tonight safe in the knowledge that they are not alone in being inept while broadcasting football; It was pretty bad of them to show the wrong team line-up moments before kick-off of the Red Bulls game on Saturday night and pretty bad for time to prove that the commentary pair of Sullivan and Dunseth had not watched last weeks Red Bull game in preparation, to know what they were talking about. Fox Soccer Report also continued to yield some great fluffs as this weekend, we were treated to a place in Spain called Mal-arr-gar and one in Germany called Hamboooorg. Maybe one day, one of those teams will sign Everton’s Yak-Boo.)

Anyway, if you are English, then you’ll know all about Chris Kamara, the former Swindon, Stoke and Brentford defender, who had a short stint in management before joining Sky Sports. Often responsible for some golden moments of comedy while at the football, Kamara went live this Saturday, as Jeff Stelling asked him about the red card that had just been dished out at Fratton Park…

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