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April 9, 2010

Don’t Quit Your Day Jobs, Lads

Left to right: Drogba, Walcott and Rooney

It’s a good job that Wayne Rooney, Didier Drogba and Theo Walcott are pretty good at what they do, and don’t have jobs that require any artistic talent;

Because they can’t draw for s**t.

The three, along with Michael Owen, Carlos Tevez, Steven Gerrard, Cesc Fabregas and Harry Redknapp have had a crack at self-portraits for charity. Interesting that Drogba sees himself as Chinese– at least he got the nose right. Walcott appears to have drawn himself with a double compound fracture (touch wood Arsenal fans) and Rooney went with with the inner 5 year-old and gave himself a perfectly round head and a stick body.

The artwork doodles will be auctioned off for next Monday, in aid of Norbin Robbins music therapy.

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  1. Keith

    I see Roo also gave himself far more hair than he actually has.

  2. Georger

    I think Walcott accidentally drew Drogba.

  3. Keith

    Carlo’s was actually pretty good!

  4. Highbury Library

    I disagree because that character does not appear to be diving nor getting sent off in a CL match.

  5. @Georger – that comment is a f**king disgrace

  6. Anonsters

    Perfect eyebrows and giant red lips on Rooney.

    Is he trying to tell us something?

  7. Georger

    He’s Mrs. Potatohead?

  8. James T

    Walcott has more drawing skill than on-the-ball skill. What? He’s just fast. That’s it!

  9. Ryan

    A few more here:

    Marcus Hahnemann did one, Rafa did too (although he seems to have missed the point).

  10. Keith

    Ryan: even more over at PIES. RvP did a pretty nice one, Greeno gave himself a block head, Carew gets detailed, whilst ‘Arry figures the fewer details of his face, the better.

  11. Norfolk Ned

    Hahah. Greeno’s is v realistic!

  12. Ryan

    I’m still laughing at Rafa’s. I wonder if someone gave him bad instructions?

  13. Keith

    Ned: Jenas’s? Less so.

    I like that Dunney gave himself a green head. And that Deco apparently thinks his legs are bananas.

  14. Georger

    Marcus Hahnemann: deep sea fisherman, Satanist, keeper.

  15. mountain wag

    Georger – aren’t they all connected? I guess instead of statanists, fisherman are more masochists though. Same could be said of keepers, really. But I thought he was a huge gear head…he’s trying to open up and show his softer side. Good f*cking luck to that…

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