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April 12, 2010

Former Gunners Not and Maybe Not Playing For Their National Teams

First, Emmanuel Adebayor has retired from international football. In his statement he pretty much chalks it all up to the events in Angola during the Cup of Nations earlier this year. When playing for your country leads to you holding one of your best friends in your arms as he dies, it’s hard not to be understanding of that decision.

In slightly-related news, Raymond Domenech has refused to guarantee a spot in the French side for Thierry Henry at the World Cup this summer. The more you think about it, the less surprising it actually is. Hell, with Ibra not available for Barca over the weekend, Henry still couldn’t get a wiff of the pitch against Real Madrid. So his form is off enough that he’s fallen out of favor with Pep Guardiola. Don’t think that Domenech didn’t notice.

But Domenech is also a complete and utter idiot, and nothing he does makes much sense. So this also might just be him being idiotic. Still the chances of Titi being a Red Bull by June keep looking up.

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