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April 18, 2010

Franck Ribery In French Prostitution Investigation

Franck Ribery’s attorney, Sophie Bottai, has stated that the French international has been quizzed by authorities in an investigation related to prostitution involving a minor. The Bayern Munich star has been questioned only as a witness at this point in the investigation of another French international.

The alleged Roman Polanksi wannabe has not been named yet. The unnamed footballer has admitted to a relationship with the prostitute but he did not know she was a minor. It is possible a third French national team player may be questioned in this investigation.

The investigation comes less than two months before the start of the 2010 World Cup. This is surely not a welcome distraction for the team and manager Raymond Domenech.

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  1. mountain wag

    I know athletes (of any sport) may play for the money or the love of the game…but regardless, for the most part, they could have any woman they want. Let’s call it an added perk to being an athlete. As anyone of status with a high profile (and by default, media attention)…why a prostitute? Guys – any ideas (not that you have or haven’t had that experience…but I’d love to know the allure).

  2. Probably because there is no hassle and you don’t have to think about a woman coming after your money except for the negotiated fee.

  3. Georger

    Because prostitutes are expected to leave and nobody takes gold digging claims seriously from prostitutes.

  4. jjf3

    I think TFA nailed it: yes, they theoretically could have just about anyone, but they have no idea what the motivation of said person is…a prostitute essentially offers a straight transaction: I get this, you get that. No question of motives, no inherent danger of thinking someone cares about you for who you are, and not the potential windfall/goldmine you represent…

  5. Ryan

    Avram Grant suddenly wonders when the French job will become available.

  6. Goat

    Blah, blah, blah. Ribery’s ugly. Yada, yada, yada. My heart’s just not in it tonight.

  7. phil

    Apparently Henry handed the girl to Gallas.

  8. Tno

    Not bad Phil Henry jokes were getting old but that was a good one

  9. Jays

    Like Charlie Sheen said, “I don’t pay them for sex. I pay them to leave.”

  10. WhiteSpeedReceiver

    You would think Domenech would have foreseen this.

  11. mountain wag

    Yeah – but doesn’t a prostitute have the upper-hand in a blackmail scenario, even in France where for the most part, no one cares what you do (or with whom)? I mean, they find out client has money/is famous and probably shouldn’t be sleeping with a prostitute – so girl tells guy pay up or I’ll tell the world oh, and plus I’m a minor so you’re double-screwed…(proverbially). There are millions of mute women around the world looking for love. If you don’t want them to bother you afterwards, just visit a deaf and blind institution. They don’t talk much and don’t care what you look like. It’s a win/win for all really…

  12. Keith

    that “smooth Francky” photo you guys used for the Bayern-ManYoo liveblog is even more creepy now.

  13. Georger

    ^^ that’s why the smart ones only bang high priced hookers. If you’re paying 1000 bucks an hour chances are they will be less likely to steal your s**t than the one getting 50 bucks.

  14. Goat

    Georger’s just gonna go find a cash machine.

  15. Keith

    Goat: Brandt can’t watch, though. Or he’ll have to pay a hundred.

  16. Army of Dad

    @ Tno

    How about this?

    A French soccer player got caught using his hands improperly, quelle surprise!

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