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April 22, 2010

Your Europa League Open Thread

Because the "kiddie cup" Europa League is Pooh! Get it? Get it?

There is yet more European football on today, although this time the focus is on the “kiddie cup” matches taking place in the semi-finals of the Europa League. Unfortunately, no liveblog today (shakes fist at “real jobs”) but feel free to play along in the comments below.

Fulham FC: Schwarzer, Knochesky, Hangeland, Baird, Gera, Murphy, (Hillary) Duff, Hughes, Etuhu (Bless You!), (Pedro) Zamora, Davies. Subs: Zuberbuhler, Kelly, Nevland, Deuce, Smalling, Greening, Dikgacoi

Hamburg SV: Rost, Mathijsen, Aogo, Ze Roberto, Guerrero, Jarolim, Trochowski, Boateng, Demel, Pitroipa, Horsey Nistelrooy. Subs: Hesl, Rozehnal (remember when he was good?), Petric, Tesche, Berg, Rincon, Tunay Torun

Liverpool FC: Reina, (Big Ben’s) Johnson, Agger, (newly-single) Gerrard, SuperJew, Greek Salad, OrigiKuyt, Maraschino Cherries, Lucas, Carra, Ngog. Subs: (Kristin) Cavalieri, Aquaman, (Tower of) Babel, Degen, El Zhar, Ayala, Pacheco

Atletico Madrid: De Gea, Antonio Lopez, Forlan, Raul Garcia, Jurado, Paulo Assuncao, Ujfalusi, Alvaro Dominguez, (Jose) Reyes, Simao, Perea. Subs: Sergio Asenjo, Valera, Macho Camacho, Salvio, Juanito, (Miguel) Cabrera, Borja

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  1. I prefer the “Euro-Disney League.”

  2. ben

    Is that Liverpool’s lineup or the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?

  3. Georger

    “(newly-single) Gerrard”

    Do what now?

  4. @Georger – rumours that Alex Curran has left the man

  5. ebullientfatalist

    Given this season’s form, I surprised Capello hasn’t left him.

    /Wants Wenger to buy him.

  6. c’mon, Georger – we all know that Robbie Savage is irresistible

  7. @Georger: those comments in the link you provided are a goldmine.

  8. I’m sorry, but the Europa League theme music pales in comparison to The Chaaaaaaaaampionnnnnnnns! That said, camon Fulham!

    /can’t root for Liverpool in any competition. Just can’t.

  9. ben

    In other news, soccernet says South Africa and North Korea tied 0-0 today. CATCH WORLD CUP FEVER NOW!

  10. Awfully quiet here in comment land. Then again, not much is happening in either game.

  11. TD

    Wait, NK is terrible right? and hasn’t every host nation advanced past the group stage?

  12. corky

    C’mon Fulham! Deuce with an away goal off the bench.

  13. I missed it – who scored for Atletico?

  14. Also, the hot Gerrard rumor is that he impregnated a 16 year old. Take that, EBJT!

  15. Georger

    Well if it’s true then I would hope he would leave. The cash brought in would be great.

    Forlan scored.

  16. Georger

    Wait is that offside because it hit a Madrid defender? When the pass was released he was easily on.

  17. wacman1389

    I’m refusing to watch either game, as I have a stupid film class at 4pm……just passing time until i leave.

    Wow, so that’s two guys f**king 16 year olds…….that’s not good

  18. Georger

    Yeah wow that was a ridiculous decision. Thanks a lot extra UEFA officials.

  19. TD

    true, but did you see ribery’s?

  20. Anonsters

    Gerrard was cuckolded. Hahahaha. Someone get the man his horns!

  21. Anonsters

    It can’t be one of our players, they couldn’t score in a brothel.

    Georger, was that you?

  22. Georger

    David Ngog is unfathomably bad at soccer.

  23. wacman1389

    @Georger, You no likey Fillthinehornwithoil N’Gog?

  24. @wac – Georger is just anti-French

  25. Georger

    hahahahaha look at the stupid gangly bastard try an overhead!

  26. Anonsters

    To be fair, Ngog is anti-soccer.

  27. Georger

    If the French like Ngog, then nuke the goddamn French.

  28. Anonsters

    Mascherano passes like I do!

  29. @Georger – we are required to like all native French footballers. (see, for example, Stephan Guivarc’h)

  30. Ryan

    Bring on the Deuce!

  31. jjf3

    @NYK: I thought you hated Toulalan?

  32. Georger

    The good people of Bath know the deal.

    Chris, Bath via text: “Ngog’s movement is awful, he gives Liverpool nothing.”

  33. Georger

    Announcer praising the officiating. Apparently waiving off good goals is a quality of great officiating.

  34. Anonsters

    Comment on the Veetle stream I’m watching:

    He’s half a boy, He’s half a girl Torres, Torres He looks just like a transvestite, Torres, Torres. He wears a frock, he loves the c*ck, he sells his ass on Albert Dock Fernando Torres, Carraghers bit on the side.

  35. Anonsters

    Liverpool are managing to make Atleti look half-decent. That’s frightening.

  36. Georger

    Bet the first sub isn’t Ngog.

  37. Anonsters

    Commentator on Forlan finding a cell phone on the pitch: “This WAG situation is getting out of hand.”

  38. Anonsters

    There he Ngogs.

  39. Georger


  40. ben

    Commentary on soccernet gamecast: “And Diego Forlan has picked up a telephone on the pitch. Curious.” Uh, what?

  41. Anonsters

    @ben: There was a cell phone on the pitch. Forlan picked it up and tossed it over to the sideline. Maybe someone threw it? Who knows.

  42. Georger

    Did Yossi even try to get that ball? The f**k is going on? If they’re going to play like this load of s**t there’s no point running them out there, just play kids.

  43. Precious Roy

    Who is/are winning? Currently, Pool is up 3-2 on agg and Fulham 2-1, right?

  44. Georger

    Babel is so much better than Ngog it’s not even funny. Sure he’s not really a striker but if Ngog IS really a striker, then I would rather play without one.

  45. Georger

    Are you looking at last round’s scores?

  46. Anonsters

    Ngog: Georger’s Peter Crouch.

  47. Georger

    I want to strangle this f**king announcer he will not stop praising the officials. Clearly onside.

  48. Precious Roy

    Is this the first leg? Really? Man, I’ve been tarded all day.

  49. Georger

    Epic dive from Reyes. Horrible officiating again.

  50. Georger

    El Zhar. You’re joking.

    I hate this team.

  51. Georger

    Liverpool with zero shots on goal all game. Not counting the good goal, of course.

  52. Georger

    Holy s**t a call against Madrid, there’s a first.

  53. Georger

    Every time he’s mentioned Forlan he’s mentioned being linked with Liverpool and being a former United player. Does anyone know who this a**hole is?

  54. ben

    @Georger: Forlan or the announcer? I’m guessing you mean the latter, in which case, I have no idea.

  55. Georger


  56. Georger

    Was Reyes a massive diving time waster for Arsenal? I don’t remember.

  57. Anonsters

    Did Rafa fall down?

  58. Georger

    Babel has lost his footing twice in that spot. Aside from that he’s playing very well. Ngog will still start over him the rest of the year though, as Rafa is a f**king idiot.

  59. Anonsters

    Well, 1-0 away isn’t a terrible result.

  60. 0-0 would be a nice result for Fulham here, wouldn’t it?

  61. Babel has lost his footing twice in that spot. Aside from that he’s playing very well. Ngog will still start over him the rest of the year though, as Rafa is a f**king idiot.

    This is how you know Liverpool are having a terrible year. Georger saying Rafa is an idiot for not starting Babel would have been unthinkable back in August.

  62. Georger

    Over Ngog? Not so sure about that one, but starting him in general, sure. Ngog isn’t second string quality for any EPL team yet somehow he’s the only other striker we have. F**king baffling. Even Rick Parry wasn’t that stupid.

    Not a terrible result, would feel a lot better about had Yossi’s blatantly onside goal been ruled off.

  63. Georger

    But to be fair to Babel, he has been playing a s**tload better since he cleared the air with Rafa or whatever that was about. He wants to be a striker but I don’t think he is, but either way, Ngog can’t do anything with the ball at his feet so he’s a complete waste. He has the first touch of a goddamn pitch-back.

  64. Babel starting is a preposterous notion.

  65. Georger

    Kuyt then. Anyone but Ngog away from Anfield. He is not good.

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