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April 23, 2010

Serbian Soccer: Are Hooligans Dealt With?

Partizan Belgrade supporters are a little aggressive.

We’ve mentioned the violence involving Serbian football clubs before, noting in particular the hooligan supporters of Partizan Belgrade. Those arrested for the death of Toulouse supporter Brice Taton are now on trial, with 14 defendants charged with first-degree murder in proceedings that began Wednesday.

Unfortunately, the prime suspect in (and organizer of) that bout of violence, Partizan fan Djordje Prelic, has been hiding out in Croatia and will have to be tried in absentia.

On the other side of common-sense law enforcement, a Serbian court has dropped the charges against six alleged hooligans who had chanted death threats against B92 reporter Brankica Stankovic. Originally charged with violent behavior and threatening the safety of Stankovic, the individuals are now free to resume their normal hooliganism at Partizan matches.

So, why does it make sense that they were released? Video of the match purportedly shows thousands of supporters chanting threats at Stankovic, with some even stabbing an effigy of the reporter. So why single out these six men? Although they were alleged to be the ringleaders of the chanting, it is virtually impossible to identify how the threats began.

Moreover, the court determined that Stankovic, targeted due to her reporting on extremists within supporter clubs, was merely insulted, rather than threatened. If they wanted to take their anger out on someone, how about the center referee? Four yellow cards for Belgrade to only one for Donetsk? I smell a conspiracy.

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