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April 29, 2010

Oh journalists, why do you hurt us so?

Can you feel the love?

There was a discussion a few weeks ago amongst us UFers about sensationalism in sports reporting these days. The conclusion was that there isn’t enough staff and enough time in this crazy news world to do the reporting and fact-checking that is truly necessary. As someone who is a refugee of the newspaper industry, I totally agree with this premise.

Exhibit A: Mark Stokes’ column about Rangers and Celtic in the Boston Globe.

Essentially, Stokes blames fans in the stands for the 1971 Ibrox Disaster that killed dozens. (column can be found on this thread)

If he didn’t know the truth before, Stokes learned a tough lesson. One that might cost the Boston area the chance to host the Old Firm this July.

This mistake, and I’m sure that’s all it really was, was stupid and easy to catch. Stokes has apologized, and I believe him, but the damage is done.

Rangers have already filed a complaint with the paper, and they are now rethinking coming to the Boston area during the summer, although the money to be made here will, I’m sure, eventually outweigh hurt feelings.

And if you’re going to hurt some feelings, try not to make it in relation to one of the hottest and most bitter rivalries in all of sport.

I’m not going to kill this journalist for the mistake. I’m not even going to rail on journalism as a whole. I think that, in today’s information-rich environment, news organizations should be investing more in reporters and copy editors.

That said, the Rangers supporters need to take a chill pill. If you look at the comments from today’s apology, they are WAY more civil than the threats of violence that came after the mistake appeared online. Journalism may be in trouble, but I hope those yelling hate at this reporter find the irony in their words.

Either way, I think it’s clear to say that, if the Old Firm do come to Boston (and specifically Fenway Park), it going to be one hell of an atmosphere.

You stay classy, football supporters.

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  1. And why should we care about teams from a 4th rate league?
    We have our own 3rd rate MLS for that.
    How about we bring in teams from actual countries and not provincial leagues?

    The same thing applies for towelheads who are mad at South Park’s creators as it is for drunken scots who are pissed off at the writer: F**K YOU! Stay in your stale f**king retarded country and dont tell us what and we cant f**king say. (well as long as you dont insult jews but theyre chosen so its ok).

    This sounds like these tinpot asian dictators who arent going to show such and such movie in their country because it insulted some royal douchebag.

    Not happy with whats written about the retards on your side of the ocean? Who gives a f**k? We have enough of our own inbred retards, racists and morons, we dont have time to worry about english rejects being insulted.

    You dont want that mil or so you were supposed to get?
    Guess what? Some other team will and no one will give a f**k about you then, just like no one gives a f**k about your league.

  2. Anonsters


    Just. Wow.

  3. Ryan

    Anythings better than playing in Gillette. Once again, get Bob Kraft the hell away from anything soccer related.

  4. corky

    Good heavens.

  5. you realize that you used an offensive/racist term in a comment where you mention that we have enough racists in our country, right?

  6. Autoglass

    Roberto Mancini: You, sir, are the worst kind of idiot douchebag. The kind that is not aware of his idiocy and actually thinks he’s clever.

  7. Georger

    I’m pretty sure it actually IS Roberto Mancini.

  8. Matt

    Hahaha oh wow.

  9. Andy Gray thinks that Roberto Mancini’s argument was logical and well thought-out.

  10. Methinks someone missed the point of the post. We try…

    And +1 to you, Dools.

  11. bergkampesdios

    Autoglass is right. There is an unhealthy amount of misplaced anger in that comment. I’d be interested in hearing what u75 has to say about the English rejects bulls**t (let alone towelhead – good lord). It’s one thing among friends but to come to a blog and abuse one of the hosts with such vitriol is pretty ballsy.

  12. Georger

    What’s the most baffling is that this guy is clearly a soccer fan. This kind of sloppy journalism, even if an honest mistake, gives soccer and its fans a bad name here. No different in result than the horses**t Cohen pulled, except without the malicious intent.

    Judging by the link in his username I’m betting he’s a 19 year old sociology major, huge Ron Paul supporter, and comes from old money.

  13. ebullientfatalist

    Mancini just took, nay, ripped, the Commenter Crackpot mantle away from Dustin.

    As to the article, I’d love to see the Old Firm at Fenway.

  14. @EF: Agreed, though you have to expect it would be a decidedly pro-Celtic crowd because those who don’t know the teams will automatically hear the Celtic name and root for them, and with the huge Irish Catholic community, it could actually be a rough spot for Rangers.

    But damn it would be fun to be there.

  15. P.S. don’t feed the troll. I’m disappointed because I’d defo be at Fenway to see this. It may be a good thing, because if United tour the US, TSE and I may be up for an epic road trip (despite threats of my wife divorcing me, and me not knowing TSE at all).

  16. @Dools: Yeah, I come from a long line of Angela’s Ashes rejects. I’d have to wear my 100th anniversary Celtic shirt to this one.

    And besides, last time I was at Fenway I got autographs from Jim Rice and Yaz.

  17. ebullientfatalist

    @Georger: I’m kinda impressed that he got to towelheads so quickly. Celtic to Rangers to Towelheads. Your logic, sir, is as impeccable as it is irrefutable.

    Also, the Yids from North London disprove the “chosen” tag.

  18. @TSE Ireland stories are always welcome. Shoot me an email so we can spare the others our budding internets romance.

  19. Anonsters

    I’m still trying to recover a piece of my soul that died upon reading The Comment That Shall Not Be Named.

    Of course, half of my life these days is spent trying to patiently explain to people why Palestinians are human beings, so. There you go.

  20. Trot Nixon's Hat

    Just to make Mancini’s comments that much more awful?

    The dudes that made the threats against the South Park creators? American.

    Now I have to go take a shower after reading that screed.

  21. Georger

    “Of course, half of my life these days is spent trying to patiently explain to people why Palestinians are human beings, so. There you go.”

    The other half? Paying taxes that fund killing Palestinians. Served!

  22. Lennon's Eyebrow

    “You stay classy, football supporters.”

    We couldn’t even make it through one comment…

  23. @Dools: I will.

    @Lennon: I noticed that, too. I told the rest of the UFers, “boy, this started off badly”

    @Anonsters: We love all peoples here at UF. I mean, we have Brits, Yanks, Irish, Kiwis, Italians and the French. And for all of us to get along takes a lot. We even love people who read other blogs. Well, with one major exception.

  24. Anonsters

    @Georger: Ha. It’s true. :/

  25. Georger

    Wait who is the Kiwi?

    *readies the Kiwi-gun*

  26. Anonsters

    On a personal note, I escaped the Deep South in an effort, in part, to escape the stunning degree of racism I found in certain parts of it. To my dismay, I discovered it exists pretty much everywhere in this country. (And we all know it’s rampant in Europe, too.) But Jesus. To see it on a blog like UF. It really just makes me sad. :/ Not your fault, UFers, not at all. And maybe it’s just that time of the month for me, so I’m oversensitive. Or maybe it’s my recurrent sandy vagina. I dunno. Anyway, yeah. That’s all I have to say about this thread.

  27. phil

    @TSE: In fairness, I think we only tolerate the French.

    @Roberto Mancini: You, sir, are an ass.

  28. Lennon's Eyebrow

    The only people we don’t like are the Judean People’s Front.

    /full circle

  29. @Anonsters: Did you just say “sandy vagina?” Uhhhh…

    @Georger: I divulge nothing. I left out some nationalities, too.

  30. Georger

    @EvlisCostelloHatingDeadPuppyWalking: I guarantee you he doesn’t think he’s racist and probably actually thinks he’s progressive.

  31. Anonsters

    Vaginas! On UF! Unpossible!

    /TSE interpreted
    //I’M A MAN, BABY, YEAH.
    ///I just act like a puss a lot.

  32. Dustin

    RED CARD!!!

  33. @Anon: Well, you do have a puppy as your avatar, so my confusion is justified. :-)

    And here I thought this thread might not spur any comments. YIKES.

  34. Georger

    He’s a man’s man’s man.

  35. @Dustin: Andy Gray thinks your red card is harsh.

    I KID!

  36. phil

    @TSE: Dustin’s perception is reality, therefore the red card was warranted.

  37. Anonsters

    Puppies are always the right choice. For avatar. For friend. For president of FIFA. For everything. Always.

  38. Georger

    Puppies make excellent designated drivers.

  39. phil

    Puppies make for better forwards than Peter Crouch.

  40. Ryan

    Puppies could out manage Pep Guardiola.

  41. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Andy Gray prefers cats.

  42. Andy Gray thinks puppies should be a new meme.

  43. Anonsters

    Since I fear I know not what I have started, I have only this to say.

  44. Puppies can write a better World Cup song.

  45. phil

    Puppies can manage money better than Tom Hicks

  46. phil

    Puppies wouldn’t take Conor Casey to South Africa

  47. Lennon's Eyebrow

    Puppies would put that robocop picture on their bar exam so they can go see Spurs this summer.

    /just sayin’

  48. Puppies knew Fulham had Hamburg the whole time.

  49. Anonsters

    I hereby certify that the foregoing represents a fair and accurate representation of puppypower.

    G’night, UF.

  50. Since Bergkampesdios asked me to weigh in on the comments on this thread, I can only say the following: I know (and was close to in high school) the family that used to supply Jim Rice’s drugs in his hometown of Anderson, SC.

    Hope that clears up everything.

  51. Keith

    Woody Guthrie’s first guitar originally read “This machine kills puppies.” He changed it after women walked out of his first gig in a huff.

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