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May 27, 2010

Today In Deadspin’s Half-Assed Soccer Blogging

If you spend any amount of time clicking around on Deadspin, you’d be a moron not to notice the dramatic uptick in soccer-related posts over the last month or so. Some of it is their own, and one post a day is repurposed from The Spoiler.

There was even a post where they out and out acknowledged their increased “coverage” of soccer with the World Cup looming ever closer. Well with two weeks to go until kick off, we’re introducing a new feature: Today In Deadspin’s Half-Assed Soccer Blogging where we’ll highlight a soccer post from Deadspin (might either be from that day or the previous day) and analyze how half-assed it is. We promise our follow-through on this will be much better than on our award-winning “Better Know a Traore” series.

Join us for the inaugural edition after the jump.

Post: What’s This? A Video BRIMMING With Wayne Rooney Goals?

Total Words: 51

Original or Repurposed: Repurposed from the Spoiler.

Total Estimated Time: Including the youtube search, but not including the time to put the text and video into the back end interface on Gawker’s servers, we’re going with 6 minutes and 47 seconds.

Half-Assedness (on a 10 scale): We’re giving this about an 8.

Comments: Wow, Wayne Rooney scores goals? No f**king way. That’s crazy. And someone else put together a video of him scoring them for England. That’s insane. Most of the Spoiler posts seem to be something like this—and we have absolutely no problems with The Spoiler—1) grab a video 2) tack on two-to-three sentences 3) profit. It was actually a tough call choosing between this and the three sentence ‘Hey, they’re announcing the USMNT, comment here” post (which I don’t think they bothered to update with the squad), but we went with this because, well, “Striker Scores Goals” has a nice “Dog Bites Man” feel to it.

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  1. Georger

    What’s this?

    I wouldn’t mind the staff over there s**tting on soccer at every chance nearly as much if they didn’t run The Spoiler’s pieces, which is just de facto admission that they want traffic from soccer fans.

  2. Keith

    “Striker Scores Goals” has a nice “Dog Bites Man” feel to it.

    Unless, of course, you’re talking about Brian Ching or Emule Heskey

  3. Keith

    Also, I miss the Will-n-Rick days. Daulerio, Craggs and Barry are teh suck.

  4. Ryan

    I think it’s fine that they run soccer posts. It’s just a little biased to me. For instance, where is the equal time for video of Robbie Findley’s international goals?

  5. I have severe problems with The Spoiler since Ryan Bailey left. It’s a shell of what it once was when the original guy did it. Which is why it is perfect for Deadspin now.

  6. James T

    It’s World Cup Time, which means that (for one month) everyone’s a soccer expert!

  7. Georger

    “It’s World Cup Time, which means that (for one month) everyone’s a soccer expert!*”

    *Offer not valid in Bristol, Connecticut.

  8. ben

    On a similar note, I have a gift subscription to SI (which mercifully expires soon), and I’ve been reading their World Cup stuff. While it isn’t bad, the angle always seems to be, “You’ve probably never heard of this guy, but overseas he’s a really huge soccer star. People outside of America love soccer.” I mean, haven’t we come far enough that they can just write about soccer without feeling obliged to introduce readers to the sport every damn time? Americans who care about soccer already understand the game and know who the star players are, and Americans who don’t care about soccer are just going to skip the articles anyway.

  9. Anonsters

    “Striker Scores Goals” has a nice “Dog Bites Man” feel to it.

    I don’t get it.

  10. Keith

    @u75: You said what I said! Only you said it much, much better than I did.

  11. Signal to Noise

    Soccer doesn’t do anything for Deadspin, which is now “throw all the dirty stuff against the wall and see what sticks for page hits.” So, you get re-purposed crap instead of a writer who knows what he or she is writing about on soccer.

  12. Keith

    Holy crap! You brought S2N out of the woodwork!

  13. We are not amused.

    /snaps neck

  14. Failbot

    On May 27, 2010 @ 12:38 Comment Ninja says:
    We are not amused.

    /snaps neck


  15. Pradajames

    Without soccer posts on Deadspin, what would become of all the witty quotes from that one Simpsons episode?

  16. Signal to Noise

    @Keith: I don’t have as much comment time as I used to, but as long as RSS exists, I will read this blog.

  17. MCR

    Why bother? Deadspin’s soccer coverage is roughly as bad as Peter King’s.

  18. GeneralGametime

    Not to pile on here, but ever since UF started up, which actually feels like a really long time ago now, I have all but stopped reading Deadspin. Deadspin was my first love in the sports blogging world, but now it is all but dead to me (except for anything written by Drew. That guy is still hilarious to me)–a shell of its former self. You guys crush it every day and despite the ridiculously short Switzerland preview you are by far my favorite blog. Keep up the good work.

  19. James T

    A sincere thank you, sir. We really appreciate it.

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