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May 27, 2010

Today In Deadspin’s Half-Assed Soccer Blogging

If you spend any amount of time clicking around on Deadspin, you’d be a moron not to notice the dramatic uptick in soccer-related posts over the last month or so. Some of it is their own, and one post a day is repurposed from The Spoiler.

There was even a post where they out and out acknowledged their increased “coverage” of soccer with the World Cup looming ever closer. Well with two weeks to go until kick off, we’re introducing a new feature: Today In Deadspin’s Half-Assed Soccer Blogging where we’ll highlight a soccer post from Deadspin (might either be from that day or the previous day) and analyze how half-assed it is. We promise our follow-through on this will be much better than on our award-winning “Better Know a Traore” series.

Join us for the inaugural edition after the jump.

Post: What’s This? A Video BRIMMING With Wayne Rooney Goals?

Total Words: 51

Original or Repurposed: Repurposed from the Spoiler.

Total Estimated Time: Including the youtube search, but not including the time to put the text and video into the back end interface on Gawker’s servers, we’re going with 6 minutes and 47 seconds.

Half-Assedness (on a 10 scale): We’re giving this about an 8.

Comments: Wow, Wayne Rooney scores goals? No f**king way. That’s crazy. And someone else put together a video of him scoring them for England. That’s insane. Most of the Spoiler posts seem to be something like this—and we have absolutely no problems with The Spoiler—1) grab a video 2) tack on two-to-three sentences 3) profit. It was actually a tough call choosing between this and the three sentence ‘Hey, they’re announcing the USMNT, comment here” post (which I don’t think they bothered to update with the squad), but we went with this because, well, “Striker Scores Goals” has a nice “Dog Bites Man” feel to it.

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