Unprofessional Foul


May 27, 2010

Wednesday Backpasses: Wowies Zowie

10 legs to score on you?

Someone please tell Alexi Lalas what “breakout” means [GQ]
Get to know Chris Waddle, the man who inspired a nation to go mullet [Three Match Ban]
Diego promises the unthinkable [SportOfBlog]
For you Brits, some nostalgia. For you ‘Mericans, some insight to what makes the Brits nostalgic [SPAOTP]
101 Great Goals puts together 101 great goals from 2009-10 [101GG]
Celtic and Barcelona new Goalkeeper(?) kits are equally hideous. The Barca away shirt has them both beaten, though [Football Fashion]

ESPN commissioned some artwork for all 32 World Cup squads this summer. This is the first place I’ve seen them all collected. No, they are not all as nightmare inducing as CRonaldo above [ONTD_FB]
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