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May 28, 2010

Come To An Event Featuring Simon Kuper!

Yeah, I’m reposting this. So what?

We’ve been busy at UF arranging things — some of which you’ll see soon, some of which you already bought tickets for (June 12th!) — and I’m proud to bring yet another of said events your way.

Fancy a chat with Simon Kuper, author of Soccernomics and Soccer Against The Enemy? If so, get yourselves RSVP’d for an evening of pre-World Cup Q&A with the man himself, intro’d by THE mustachioed Gunner freak himself, Mr. David Hirshey, on the Upper East Side of NYC next Wednesday night, June 2. It’ll be at the venue where this soccer blog began (kinda)… the humble Kinsale Tavern.

Few snacks, some beers, and soccer discussion of the very highest caliber. Can’t stress this enough, folks; it’s gonna bring the heat.

We’re co-sponsoring the event with Simon’s publisher, Nation Books, and Upper 90 Soccer and Sport, and we’d dearly love you to attend. Info is below the jump – rsvp to marissa@nationbooks.org — get to it, America!


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James T


  1. Tno

    I knew i liked Billy Beane

  2. WhiteSpeedReceiver


    Nope, doesn’t ring a bell.

  3. Goat

    Make sure you ask Hirshey about that bit of awkwardness with Harkes.

  4. Joep

    aaargh…would love to go. it might come up, but id love to ask Mr. Kuper what he thinks of this Dutch team.

  5. Precious Roy

    You didn’t even repost, you just changed the timestap to push it back up the page.

  6. James T

    Yeah, so?

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