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June 1, 2010

Today in Deadspin’s Half-Assed Soccer Blogging

With the World Cup approaching, there has been a noticeable uptick in the quantity of soccer-related posts on Deadspin. However, the vast majority of them clearly were lackluster in effort. Every day until the World Cup (and maybe even through it) we’ll break down the previous day’s most half-assed post. If you’re still not clear, check out the first post here.

Join us after the jump for the third post in the series.

Post: Your World Cup Tune-Up Open Thread

Total Words: 28

Original or Repurposed: Original.

Total Estimated Time: 120 seconds. At most.

Comments: It was the holiday weekend. Hell, we didn’t do much. Look at our Mourinho-at-Madrid post. That’s probably the first post we’ve ever had where the caption had more words (14) than the post itself (2). We’re also inclined to give Deadspin credit simply for recognizing that there were World Cup tune-ups being played, especially since none of them involved Americans (although the only two of interest were the England v. Japan and Cote d’Ivoire v. Paraguay). But the soccer posts (and maybe even posts in general) are verging on some kind of economic performance art where they are trying to see the maximum number of clicks they can hoodwink people into on the fewest number of typed words possible. Hey, we’d probably try to get away with it too if we could.

Half-Assedness (on a 10 scale): 5.5. Again, it was a holiday weekend. We’re not beating anyone up too much for not blogging.

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  1. Dan V

    Can someone put together a open feed regarding the Jubalani ball? I played with it overteh weekend…. it is the work of the Devil…it truly is wickedly upredictable… it knuckles ball or deadspins while moving completely uncomprehendible!!!!!

  2. Johnny Clamboat

    Agreed. That ball is a menace to keepers.

  3. phil

    No liveblog of the English NT selection?

  4. Ryan

    I think the complaining over the Jabulaini is a little overdone. Adidas players say it’s fine, Nike players dislike it. I wonder why? Also, the ball has been around since December, it’s been used in a few leagues, and plus it got distributed to national teams as well, yet we only hear complaints now?

  5. phil

    @Ryan: We may now hate the English squad with reckless abandon: Cappello has left off Michael Dawson and Adam Johnson in favor of the crap Upson and the crappier SWP.

  6. Ryan

    @phil Saw that. I get why Walcott was left off, but to replace him with SWP kind of defeats the point, no?

    Maybe Adam Johnson will pull a Dos Santos and refuse to play for the national team ever a gain.

  7. phil

    The Dos Santos thing is just odd.

  8. Dan V

    Im a keeper… it definitely is weird at best… never seen such odd ball flights from players in

  9. Dan V

    low leagues

  10. anonymouse

    what do you want? Deadspin has been getting progressively worse for about two years now, most people don’t bother with it anymore. Used to be good, but now it’s mostly a collection of old viral videos and period jokes. I’m amazed people still consider it to be a sports blog.

  11. The Likely Lad

    if the goalies are complaining about the ball, and the strikers are complaining about the ball, then even-up, no harm done. move along move along.

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