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June 1, 2010

Today in Deadspin’s Half-Assed Soccer Blogging

With the World Cup approaching, there has been a noticeable uptick in the quantity of soccer-related posts on Deadspin. However, the vast majority of them clearly were lackluster in effort. Every day until the World Cup (and maybe even through it) we’ll break down the previous day’s most half-assed post. If you’re still not clear, check out the first post here.

Join us after the jump for the third post in the series.

Post: Your World Cup Tune-Up Open Thread

Total Words: 28

Original or Repurposed: Original.

Total Estimated Time: 120 seconds. At most.

Comments: It was the holiday weekend. Hell, we didn’t do much. Look at our Mourinho-at-Madrid post. That’s probably the first post we’ve ever had where the caption had more words (14) than the post itself (2). We’re also inclined to give Deadspin credit simply for recognizing that there were World Cup tune-ups being played, especially since none of them involved Americans (although the only two of interest were the England v. Japan and Cote d’Ivoire v. Paraguay). But the soccer posts (and maybe even posts in general) are verging on some kind of economic performance art where they are trying to see the maximum number of clicks they can hoodwink people into on the fewest number of typed words possible. Hey, we’d probably try to get away with it too if we could.

Half-Assedness (on a 10 scale): 5.5. Again, it was a holiday weekend. We’re not beating anyone up too much for not blogging.

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