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June 2, 2010

Concave’s Marketing Department Could Use A Hand

The number one thing in trying to start a brand is marketing. Forget what your brand is all about; just shout that s**t from the rooftops, shoot a viral video or ten, social network like a kid on Adderall and build “buzz” however you can.

Using big stars and famous people is always a good start. Look at those acne-cream commercials that plague FSC on a Saturday morning. Wedged between a slightly-delayed presentation of Bolton v. Sunderland, we see celebs! They have acne too! It’s Katy Perry, and the redhead who was in Disney movies before finding cocaine! Brilliant stuff!

Compare and contrast to Concave Sports, a company “founded by a team of football fanatics and footwear experts” (imagine that) who are looking to muscle some iota of market share away from the likes of Nike and Adidas. Of course, it only makes sense to go out and lure some massive stars to wear your merchandise, right?

Sadly, Concave is lacking in that department. To wit, their ad in Eurosport soccer catalog.


Ouch. That’s right, folks, their prime spokesman appears to be hapless Manchester United defender John O’Shea.

How’s that for a ringing endorsement? We presume Jermain Pennant was unavailable that weekend.

Seriously though, their website doesn’t do much better, photoshopping Pompey fringe player Danny Webber in as another massive coup for the fledgling boots brand.

As far as we can tell, this isn’t ironic, nor is it some clever, meta-viral branding for a bigger company masquerading at some small fish in a gigantic pond. We just see sadness spread across a catalog page, and weep for what could have been.

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James T


  1. Tno

    Concave’s are ugly and they have useless “technology”

  2. Tno

    I just got these and they are so comfortable. Landon wore Ghis color in the recent this is sportscenter episode. And Hercules Gomez wears this color soo I’m kind of a big deal.

  3. ben

    @Tno: they kinda look a bit like golf shoes. Sorry if I just ruined ‘em for you.

  4. Tno

    No, i didn’t like the color much before i saw them in person. And then a joined a white and yellow team. So they are actually pretty sweet in person with the jersey.

  5. Tno

    These are my older ones if theese suit you better?

  6. WhiteSpeedReceiver

    “Do you want to hang on to a well-paying job while having no discernible skill? Then do what I do and wear Concave!”

    -John O’Shea

  7. Nathaniel

    Benny McCarthy swears that these boots will help you lose weight!

  8. Kris Phelps

    they cant be that bad actually there’s plenty of good reviews. dont really get what this article is getting at– what’s wrong with o’shea? i dont agree that the most important thing is marketing, surely its about the boots. why do we need million quit articles and videos?

  9. Fat Frank

    Nothing wrong with O’Shea. Man Utd regular for ten years. Besides, new company gotta start somewhere. My beef’s with the technology claims. Where’s the science behind all this?

  10. steevo

    great to see new technology for us players at long last. Maybe this new concave company doesn’t have the wads of cash like nike or adi so players signing with concave through choice is an indication that concave has something exciting to offer.

  11. Nice try, Concave marketing guy.

  12. john

    ive never kicked a ball in anger however i stumbled across this website and i can tell you the technology is sound. simply grade one physics at work. as for the comfort and look of the boots well i guess that is an individual choice . gotta go and keep moving bored already

  13. good one !! oshea who is probably on 30,000 quid a week is going to wear a boot that hinders his performance. only played 350 games for probably the biggest football team on the planet. and who are you james t ? come here mate and ill give you a big hug. mustnt have had enough attention growing up.

  14. kidzcoach

    Wait… better performance…less chance of foot injuries and edgy too? I think this company has the right idea. I’m recommending them to my players and their parents (oops..sorry..we’re not the ‘big league players’ but we’re the buying public!) Check back at the end of the fall season for an update….

  15. jet

    Do you realize how much it cost to pay a player to wear boots? Let alone in a World Cup year where all players feel they are worth twice what they are? Your blog really is cutting edge and states a major fact…you are unprofessional in any marketing judgment.

  16. I agree with jet–you guys are a**holes.

  17. dion

    how can you wright concave off because of its marketing strategy????? its a new company thats only been around for 2 years or something!!!! as for its products is it getting rave reviews in the u.k., america, canada, japan, australia,etc: for nothing???? is it in the EPL for no reason? cmon guys!!! thank god there is a new player in the market that is offering ground breaking technology for once! and it does what it claims.no more no less.

  18. James T

    This is some great viral marketing

  19. they’re persistent, I’ll give them that

  20. Man, this post has more “one-time” commenters than the Lara Baldessara one.

  21. wes brown,john oshea.danny webber and neil danns all wear concave boots.all solid professionals. there must be something in this new technology.might have to get a pair and see what all the fuss is about.

  22. James T

    Did you just start working at Concave, deegan? Are you interning?

  23. @JT-
    You’d think they’d have trial pairs hanging around the office. Also, LOL at the “all solid professionals” part. That’s really reaching for the right words, isn’t it?

  24. Ryan

    Wes Brown thinks Concaves are the greatest boot ever.

  25. Shane

    Sheesh…. has the subliminal marketing always been this bad here and I’m just now noticing it?

  26. James T

    No, but this post gets the odd “comment”

  27. Shane

    I wear the same style of Nike boots I’ve had since high school, mainly because I bought three pair then and two are still in good enough shape, though I have switched to Kelme’s for indoor. I bought “the same” firm ground boot to give them a try but switched back to my Nike’s. Consequently, if anyone is in the market for a slightly used pair of Kelme firm ground boots I may know a source.

  28. Shane

    I also just noticed this was from June, which would explain why I’d never seen this thread before.

  29. James T

    My fave is “Wazza”. I’d love a good hug!

  30. ken

    and you are james t ? write an article disrespecting footballers and boot companies and marketing people. reckon youve never had a crack at anything in your life. just a big mouth. sad really. and even sadder that im responding to this . ha ha

  31. oh the self importance snapper head(james t) im sure concave company and john oshea wont live or die by your insipid article. get a life mate !

  32. Shane

    I’m really sorry I reopened this can of worms…

  33. Anonsters

    I’m not. This has become rather entertaining, actually.

  34. phil

    I think we should re-name this post “Boots For Heels”

  35. James T

    Does your boss know you’ve strayed off-message? All while using the same email address and IP? Hope you’re not doing this on company time!
    And yes, I am sad. Sad I can’t be part of Concave’s superb marketing team.

  36. James T

    Whoops, forgot Deegan in that email/IP remark. Excuse my snapper-headedness

  37. Anonsters

    @JT: Your self-importance snapper head, no less!

  38. I wonder if this guy goes to sleep trying to think of a new name to use next in this thread.
    “What can I use tomorrow to make sure they don’t know it’s me again? Think, Duncan, think! If only I had gotten my one A-level in something useful instead of Knife Handling. Then I could work for Joma instead. Now there’s a boot company. Plus they supply kits for sides such as Cardiff City, Independiente Medellin, Vojvodina Novi Sad and Andorra. There must be something in their shirt technology. I might have to get a shirt and see what the fuss is about.”

  39. ^Hee hee! This is certainly one of the more surreal threads.

  40. If they weren’t such morans they could have spun this into a nice little bit of advertising by offering a free pair of boots to a UF reader or something.

  41. Shane

    Apparently they’re also in the business of hocking hotmail accounts to the public.

  42. Thanks, Jacob. Me no sophisticated with the linky.

  43. free pair of concaves. to the 4 people who visit this website a month. ha ha give me a break. and let me attempt a james t profile short , balding. personality disorders growing up , hides behind the safety of a pathetic web site and finally has never laced up a pair of football boots in his life. heres a tip if youre going to tackle a subject matter do some research and good luck with your career in journalism ps probably copped severe wedges in the play ground ha ha

  44. oh you are so clever jamie the t man !!! youve caught me out. razor sharp this man is !! concave boots are by the way the real deal we await a sensible evaluation yeah like that will happen on this creditable website a website who has the cheek to question others credibility

  45. James T

    I hope you’re better at your job with Concave than you are with trying to “profile” me. What’s amusing is that I never actually mocked the boots, but the fact that John O’Shea is the spokesperson. Good thing reading comprehension isn’t crucial at Concave HQ!

    Same email again? Nice. And you won’t find a sensible evaluation of Concave boots here, mate. Sorry. Maybe you can email Wes Brown for some insight.

  46. James T

    Seriously though, everyone should email Hector for free boots. He said it.

  47. How would one email Hector (and the many other pseudonyms on this page)? Perhaps if you were to click on their names, an answer would appear.

  48. Shane

    If you asshats want to send me a free pair I’ll wear’em about for a weekend, and explain that TOP professional footballer John O’Shea (TM) wears them for his super #1 football team from Manchester.
    Then I’ll let my dog add them to his collection.

  49. Shane

    They should really add this thread to the “What people are saying” section of their webpage.
    And holy s**t, I just saw that Tampa Bay Rowdies Top footballer/midfielder Adam Nowland (TM) has signed up. I may have to cruise on over to Dick’s to test these award winning boots in store and learn more about ground-breaking technology.

  50. Ned

    “Maybe you should email l Wes Brown for some insight.” Or maybe Neil Danns and Danny Webber! Haahahhaha. I hear that Brian Stock and Nicky Barmby would also like free boots… I mean to be ‘spokemen’ for concave.

  51. I wonder how long they can keep this up.

  52. Ryan

    Seriously, I want some free boots.

  53. Outside Mid

    This is quite bizarro. Capt Murphy hates Bizarros.

  54. Outside Mid

    Shane: Pure Comedy.

  55. Shane

    That’s gold, OM! Gold!

  56. ray

    listen up spuds !! journo”s write about everything yet actually know nothing the “t” in james stands for tossa. ha ha

  57. seriously how would you expect a start up boot company to have any kind of marketing budget james t obviously went to biz school. ha ha a life lived thru a text book bravo bravo !!

  58. leave james alone. how would he know about business? he still lives at home with his mum and she pays all the bills.

  59. hector says at least im getting paid. wonder what your earner is son ? oops ! the big dounut!! if you are unable to spot the chump early on then theres every chance its you !! keep punchin mate!!80% of life is turning up. they may pay you for a tank of petrol soon enough

  60. ps then you can give mum some money for board. oops !! forgot your a bit of a tight arse as well. loosen up t man !!!

  61. Anonsters

    @Goat: You had to wonder, didn’t you?

  62. the bloody hypocrisy like james t is a real name ! man are these guys for real. and someone ask james t”s boss if he knows he is spending far to much time on this blog. tha cave rave. anyone see oshea crack one from 25 the other day a belter smacked the post.

  63. i think james t should stay away from the poker tables really doesnt have much of a read on things.incredible depth and wisdom sourced from match magazine. the ” t” man. put an address up and i’LL send you a pair of concave classis black or white ? sizE ? ok tiger?

  64. hey leave james alone ” in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king” im sure james is revered by some people.

  65. i reckon james is just like most people want a bit of attention and make a name for himself at the expense of others .thats what all these cheap shot writers are all about. what color is his one eye ? hope its blue i like blue eyes

  66. wes brown played against rangers the other day. top player pedigreed backed up by performance and results concave must be chuffed he just signed maybe it was the marketing team at concave that got him over the line?

  67. James T

    Fred/Vernin et al.
    I’m worried for you. Here you are, making up multiple personalities and talking endlessly on here. Does Concave offer good medical benefits? Would they pay for counseling?

  68. James T

    It’s Saturday. The war continues.

  69. @JT: I’m just sad to see that our very own Sarah has gone over to their side.

  70. Ryan

    So you guys weren’t serious about the free boots?

  71. zen

    the war ! what war you in? heres a tip junior there are 3 types of people in this world 1st the people in the arena having a dip 2nd the people watching the people having a dip and 3rdly the people who write and comment about the people having a dip put a mirror up sunshine the last category and the one you fall in represent the gutless your seriously having a laugh

  72. and as i fade into the sunset off for much needed counselling and therapy as the worldly and inspirational “t” man advised. the concave technology is about to explode and history will record that JAMES”the prophet” T was horribly wrong and that the concave marketing team liv ed within there means and survived to fight another day

  73. bob

    truth was no one really cared and the unprofessional foul website went bust. ha ha

  74. James T

    @Werner, et al
    Seriously, best of luck to Concave in the future. May we still be able to have this little playfight in a couple of years.

  75. cheers james t like your spirit !!!

  76. kidzcoach

    Well, for what its worth, our little amateur team did quite well this season and the kids gave a lot of credit to the Concave boots. Accuracy and power were definately better and wow! no foot injuries this year.

    And no..James T.. I am not nor ever have been or will be on the Concave payroll! (no free boots either)

    Go ahead check out my IP address all you like….stalker!

  77. Tno

    Concave’s a canadian brand… juss sayin

  78. My turn….a little late, but better than never. I am the cofounder and CEO of Concave, and yes a football fanatic. I have played the game all my life and dreamed of bringing something to the sport that could improve the game. Well our boots do that. As for proof we did in fact do scientific testing using a third party research house that provided Robotic kicking machines. We tested against all the top brands and the results are fact. If it weren’t true don’t you think the big boys our there would have come after us by now. In fact, a little secret for you….three of them tried to buy us in the last two years. In terms of Players, one poster nailed it we are a start up and to sign the names some of you might think great you are talking millions per season. We would much rather spend our money on product development and iproving what you the consumer actually ends up with.
    I do agree this game is mostly about marketing and in the end that is our biggest challenge. We know that and do quite a bit at the retailer level, the field level and the player level. But it is a big world out there and it takes time for that voice to echo across all the rooftops. We are only 2 1/2 years old in this game where Nike and Adi are well into their 50′s. Little know fact maybe even someone as successful as Under Armour took almost 7 years to make a profit.
    I really do respect you have an opinion, and that opinion matters to us, so keep it coming, the good the bad and even the ugly. From that we learn, care and we will focus to improve.
    For those that haven’t seen it yet or 2011 product is about to blow people away. New colours, new top piece, and new lacing system. The players, the kids and the retailers that have been part of our test group on the new design are flipping out. Get ready for the Dicks Sporting Goods launch, Pro Direct and Eurosport along with the 150+ independant retailers that will launch the new line this coming summer.
    We do appreciate the time people spend on our product so have at it and once you strike that ball with the “caves” there will be no turning back.
    Be well

  79. clemantona

    now they’re teaching robots how to play football.
    this is how the terminator started.
    fantastic. we’re all doomed

    /i don’t care if this thread is super old

  80. I want this thread to start up again.

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