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June 2, 2010

Concave’s Marketing Department Could Use A Hand

The number one thing in trying to start a brand is marketing. Forget what your brand is all about; just shout that s**t from the rooftops, shoot a viral video or ten, social network like a kid on Adderall and build “buzz” however you can.

Using big stars and famous people is always a good start. Look at those acne-cream commercials that plague FSC on a Saturday morning. Wedged between a slightly-delayed presentation of Bolton v. Sunderland, we see celebs! They have acne too! It’s Katy Perry, and the redhead who was in Disney movies before finding cocaine! Brilliant stuff!

Compare and contrast to Concave Sports, a company “founded by a team of football fanatics and footwear experts” (imagine that) who are looking to muscle some iota of market share away from the likes of Nike and Adidas. Of course, it only makes sense to go out and lure some massive stars to wear your merchandise, right?

Sadly, Concave is lacking in that department. To wit, their ad in Eurosport soccer catalog.


Ouch. That’s right, folks, their prime spokesman appears to be hapless Manchester United defender John O’Shea.

How’s that for a ringing endorsement? We presume Jermain Pennant was unavailable that weekend.

Seriously though, their website doesn’t do much better, photoshopping Pompey fringe player Danny Webber in as another massive coup for the fledgling boots brand.

As far as we can tell, this isn’t ironic, nor is it some clever, meta-viral branding for a bigger company masquerading at some small fish in a gigantic pond. We just see sadness spread across a catalog page, and weep for what could have been.

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