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June 2, 2010

Monitoring Maradona: Put Your Beef On The Grill

Maradona schlepping his own bags on arrival in South Africa.

Argentine national team manager Diego Maradona has been a font of amusement over the years and it appears that he will continue to be during this year’s World Cup. That he is endlessly entertaining is a function of Diego being half-crazy as a result of drug addictions, overdoses, and a deified celebrity status for thirty years, plus media desperately in search of story and Maradona’s desire to be the center of attention. This World Cup may be his last hurrah as a such a monumental figure with the ability to fix gazes upon him and so we expect there to be plenty of great stories involving Maradona so long as Argentina is still in the tournament. Monitoring Maradona will be your (hopefully daily) update on all things Maradona.

Now on to today’s installment…putting beef on the grill.

Argentina had its last World Cup tune-up match against lowly Canada, a 5-0 victory, on May 24. Its next match is its first World Cup match against Nigeria on June 12. There is some concern that the squad may not be sufficiently prepared for its World Cup matches with so little match time. This would not include the team’s manager, who said the following:

“I’m not concerned [about a lack of warm-up games] because our practices carry you to a level you might not reach in a match, risking injury to one or more [players],” said Maradona. “We’re going to reach a level that the [Argentina] shirt deserves… Argentines should relax because to beat this team our rivals will have to put all their beef on the grill.”

One, who says you can’t get injured in practice? Two, Argentina practices are at a higher level than matches?

Three, put all their beef on the grill? So Maradona can do this?

Needless to say, I will be adding this saying to my repertoire.

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