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June 2, 2010

Seriously, Domenech Is Trying To Kill This Team

Good thing he wore a helmet!

And you all laughed when I voiced my concerns over Raymond Domenech trying to kill off Les Bleus in a final act of revenge against the FFF.

You’re not laughing now, are you?

In yet another display of his typical lunacy, Domenech took his squad (now lazing about on L’Isle de La Reunion) on a bicycle ride in the mountains on a slippery road. Near the end of this Tour de Farce, Nicolas Anelka went spinning out of control after losing his balance on the wet pavement and went down in a heap.

Thankfully, the striker wasn’t hurt (although the now-outsider Titi might have wished differently) and he remains on track to lead the side through Group A. But that black cat in the match against Tunisia is certainly a bad sign.

Ribery was excited at first, but that quickly turned to disappointment when he was informed that it was actually just a young kitten that was on the pitch.

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  1. RFCSean

    That’s what you get, you cheating, handballing Frogs!!!

  2. ian

    This is one awesome vacation the French national team has been on.

  3. James T

    When do they take William Gallas rock-climbing without the ropes?

  4. @RFCSean – are you seeing someone for that anger management issue?

  5. Yes, blame the coach because a top class athelete has less balance than a first grader.
    For players like him who need training wheels, maybe they can offer hopscotch, skipping rope and tag.

    Of course, all those games also have high chances of tripping and falling…

    Its bad enough we overcoddle out youth players. are we now suppose to lock in pro players and put them crash helmets like a spazz and give them safe activties like golf, poker and curling-shuffleboard (none which qualify as sports yet pollute sports channels)

  6. Anonsters

    It is absolutely hilarious that Nicolas Anelka can’t ride a bicycle without spinning out of control and crashing.

    Also, maybe Domenech took them to Reunion b/c he’s hoping the volcano will erupt soon. Not to add to your paranoia or anything.

  7. hockalees

    This is almost as bad as when Luis Aragon├ęs had the Spanish National team train for the WC as matadores in Seville back in 2002. He, too, was considered as unorthodox as Domenech because he refused to let them fight black bulls.

  8. Keith

    @JT: The second Ray can a) book Dan Cortese to be their guide and b) find a sandwich shop that can churn out 23 high-quality meals for the climb

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